Password Rules

Last updated: 2020-05-15 10:55:52


    This document describes how to set sub-user login password rules to regulate password character types, length, and validity period.


    • The password rules set here only apply to sub-users that use passwords to log in. Collaborators are not subject to these rules.
    • After the login password expires, sub-users will not be able to log in via other login methods and must reset the password.
    1. Log in to the CAM Console and select User > User Settings on the left sidebar.
    2. Set the password rules.
    Character typeSelect the characters that must be contained in the password. You can choose digits, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols (except spaces)At least one item must be selected
    LengthRestrict the minimum password length The length can be set to 8–32 characters
    Validity periodRestrict the password validity period. When the password expires, it must be reset The period can be set to 0–365 days
    Duplication restrictionRestrict reuse of old passwords 0–24 recent passwords can be restricted from being reused
    Retry restrictionRestrict the number of allows attempts with a wrong password. If the configured limit is exceeded, login will be automatically locked for one hour This can be set to 0–10 attempts/hour
    1. Click Apply Changes to make the password rules take effect. You can set the password of a sub-user according to the new rules. When sub-users reset passwords, they must do so according to the password rules you set.

      For the security of your account, sub-users will not be prompted of these rules when they reset passwords. You can go to User Settings in the console to download the current password rules and send them to the users as needed.

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