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1. API Description

Domain name for API request:

This API is used to create an EMR cluster instance.

A maximum of 20 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

Note: This API supports Finance regions. If the common parameter Region is a Finance region, a domain name with the Finance region needs to be specified, for example:

We recommend you to use API Explorer
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2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: CreateInstance.
Version Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: 2019-01-03.
Region Yes String Common parameter. For more information, please see the list of regions supported by the product.
ProductId Yes Integer Product ID. Different product IDs represent different EMR product versions. Valid values:
  • 1: EMR v1.3.1
  • 2: EMR v2.0.1
  • 4: EMR v2.1.0
  • 7: EMR v3.0.0
  • 9: EMR v2.2.0
  • 11: ClickHouse v1.0.0
  • 13: Druid v1.0.0
  • 15: EMR v2.2.1
  • 16: EMR v2.3.0
  • 17: ClickHouse v1.1.0
  • 19: EMR v2.4.0
  • 20: EMR v2.5.0
  • 22: ClickHouse v1.2.0
  • 24: EMR TianQiong v1.0.0
  • 25: EMR v3.1.0
  • 26: Doris v1.0.0
  • 27: Kafka v1.0.0
  • 28: EMR v3.2.0
  • 29: EMR v2.5.1
  • 30: EMR v2.6.0
  • VPCSettings Yes VPCSettings Configuration information of VPC. This parameter is used to specify the VPC ID, subnet ID, etc.
    Software.N Yes Array of String List of deployed components. The list of component options varies by EMR product ID (i.e., ProductId; for specific meanings, please see the ProductId input parameter). For more information, please see Component Version.
    Enter an instance value: hive or flink.
    ResourceSpec Yes NewResourceSpec Node resource specification.
    SupportHA Yes Integer Whether to enable high node availability. Valid values:
  • 0: does not enable high availability of node.
  • 1: enables high availability of node.
  • InstanceName Yes String Instance name.
  • Length limit: 6-36 characters.
  • Only letters, numbers, dashes (-), and underscores (_) are supported.
  • PayMode Yes Integer Instance billing mode. Valid values:
  • 0: pay-as-you-go.
  • Placement Yes Placement Instance location. This parameter is used to specify the AZ, project, and other attributes of the instance.
    TimeSpan Yes Integer Purchase duration of instance, which needs to be used together with TimeUnit.
  • When TimeUnit is s, this parameter can only be filled with 3600, indicating a pay-as-you-go instance.
  • When TimeUnit is m, the number entered in this parameter indicates the purchase duration of the monthly-subscription instance; for example, 1 means one month
  • TimeUnit Yes String Time unit of instance purchase duration. Valid values:
  • s: seconds. When PayMode is 0, TimeUnit can only be s.
  • m: month. When PayMode is 1, TimeUnit can only be m.
  • LoginSettings Yes LoginSettings Instance login settings. This parameter allows you to set the login password or key for your purchased node.
  • If the key is set, the password will be only used for login to the native component WebUI.
  • If the key is not set, the password will be used for login to all purchased nodes and the native component WebUI.
  • COSSettings No COSSettings Parameter required for enabling COS access.
    SgId No String Security group to which an instance belongs in the format of sg-xxxxxxxx. This parameter can be obtained from the SecurityGroupId field in the return value of the DescribeSecurityGroups API.
    PreExecutedFileSettings.N No Array of PreExecuteFileSettings Bootstrap action script settings
    AutoRenew No Integer Whether auto-renewal is enabled. Valid values:
  • 0: auto-renewal not enabled.
  • 1: auto-renewal enabled.
  • ClientToken No String Client token.
    NeedMasterWan No String Whether to enable public IP access for master node. Valid values:
  • NEED_MASTER_WAN: enables public IP for master node.
  • NOT_NEED_MASTER_WAN: does not enable.
  • Public IP is enabled for master node by default.
    RemoteLoginAtCreate No Integer Whether to enable remote public network login, i.e., port 22. When SgId is not empty, this parameter does not take effect.
    CheckSecurity No Integer Whether to enable secure cluster. 0: no; other values: yes.
    ExtendFsField No String Accesses to external file system.
    Tags.N No Array of Tag Tag description list. This parameter is used to bind a tag to a resource instance.
    DisasterRecoverGroupIds.N No Array of String List of spread placement group IDs. Only one can be specified currently.
    This parameter can be obtained in the SecurityGroupId field in the return value of the DescribeSecurityGroups API.
    CbsEncrypt No Integer CBS disk encryption at the cluster level. 0: not encrypted, 1: encrypted
    MetaType No String Hive-shared metadatabase type. Valid values:
  • EMR_DEFAULT_META: the cluster creates one by default.
  • EMR_EXIST_META: the cluster uses the specified EMR-MetaDB instance.
  • USER_CUSTOM_META: the cluster uses a custom MetaDB instance.
  • UnifyMetaInstanceId No String EMR-MetaDB instance
    MetaDBInfo No CustomMetaInfo Custom MetaDB instance information
    ApplicationRole No String Custom application role.

    3. Output Parameters

    Parameter Name Type Description
    InstanceId String Instance ID
    Note: this field may return null, indicating that no valid values can be obtained.
    RequestId String The unique request ID, which is returned for each request. RequestId is required for locating a problem.

    4. Example

    Example1 Creating instance

    Input Example
    &InstanceName=emr test
    &<Common request parameters>

    Output Example

      "Response": {
        "RequestId": "d830face-6587-4263-8ab0-56bda265787d",
        "InstanceId": "emr-xxxx"

    5. Developer Resources


    TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.

    Command Line Interface

    6. Error Code

    The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

    Error Code Description
    FailedOperation Operation failed.
    FailedOperation.DuplicateOrderNotAllowed Duplicate order. Please check the EMR console.
    InternalError Internal error.
    InternalError.AccountCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CamCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CamError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CbsCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CbsError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CdbCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CdbError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CheckQuotaErr CVM or CBS resources are insufficient, or the software is invalid.
    InternalError.ConfigCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.CvmError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.KmsError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.ProjectCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.SgError An error occurred when calling a security group API.
    InternalError.TagError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.TradeCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.VpcCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InternalError.VpcError An error occurred while calling another service API.
    InvalidParameter Invalid parameter.
    InvalidParameter.IncorrectCommonCount The number of common nodes is invalid.
    InvalidParameter.IncorrectMasterCount The number of master nodes is invalid.
    InvalidParameter.InvaildCoreCount The number of core nodes cannot exceed 20.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidAutoRenew Invalid auto-renewal flag.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidClientToken Invalid ClientToken.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidComponent Invalid component.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidCoreCount The number of core nodes is invalid.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidDiskSize Invalid disk size.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidExtendField Invalid CustomConfig.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidInstanceName Invalid cluster name.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidLoginSetting Invalid login settings.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidMetaType Invalid metadata table type.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidPassword Invalid password.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidPaymode Invalid billing mode.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidPreExecutedFile Invalid bootstrap script.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidProductId Invalid product ID.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidProjectId Invalid project ID.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidResourceSpec Invalid resource specification.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSercurityGrpupId Invalid security group ID.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidServiceName The service name is invalid.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftDeployInfo The InvalidSoftDeployInfo parameter is invalid or incorrect.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftInfo Invalid SoftInfo.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftWare Incorrect parameter.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftWareVersion The software version is invalid.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSubnetId Invalid subnet ID.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidSupportHA Invalid high availability parameter.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidTimeSpan Invalid timespan.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidTimeUnit Invalid TimeUnit.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidVpcId Invalid VPC ID.
    InvalidParameter.InvalidZone Invalid AZ.
    InvalidParameter.NotContainMustSelectSoftware Invalid parameter. Necessary components are missing.
    InvalidParameter.PayModeResourceNotMatch The billing mode and resource do not match.
    InvalidParameter.SoftwareNotInProduct There is an invalid product component.
    InvalidParameter.UngrantedPolicy The policy is not authorized.
    InvalidParameter.UngrantedRole The role is not authorized.
    InvalidParameter.ZoneResourceNotMatch The AZ and resource do not match.
    InvalidParameterValue Incorrect parameter value.
    MissingParameter Missing parameter.
    ResourceInsufficient.DiskInsufficient The disk specification is insufficient.
    ResourceInsufficient.InstanceInsufficient The node specification is unsupported or has been sold out.
    ResourceNotFound.TagsNotFound No specified tag found.
    ResourcesSoldOut. The resources have been sold out.
    ResourcesSoldOut.CbsSoldOut The CBS resources have been sold out.
    ResourcesSoldOut.CvmSoldOut CVM instances have been sold out.
    UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
    UnsupportedOperation Unsupported operation.