Modifying Component Parameters

Last updated: 2020-02-28 19:40:38


Operation Scenarios

This document describes how to modify component parameter configurations in the EMR Console.


  1. Log in to the EMR Console and select Component Management on the left sidebar. In the Operation column of the component whose parameters you want to modify, click Configure. Here, taking HDFS as an example, click Configure to proceed to the next step.
  2. Click Configuration Management, select the dimension and file where the parameters to be modified are located, and click Modify Configuration to add, modify, or delete parameters.

    The dimension refers to the range of nodes to which the configurations will be distributed. Three dimensions are supported: cluster (default value), server, and configuration group.

    • To configure all nodes that contain the selected component in the cluster, select cluster dimension.
    • To configure parameters of the selected component on a specific server, select server dimension.
    • To configure parameters of the selected component on multiple servers, you can create a configuration group and use it as the dimension.
  3. Click Modify Configuration and enter the new parameter value for the target parameter. If needed, you can click Restore to restore a parameter to its default value. Delete next to a parameter indicates that this parameter can be deleted. To delete a parameter, select Delete > OK.

    If the parameter you want to configure does not exist, you can click Add Configuration Item on the right to enter the "Add Parameter" page. Enter the new parameter name and value and click OK.

    The new parameter will be displayed on the parameter page.
  4. Click Save Configuration to view the changes. You are recommended to enter a reason of change for future reference. After confirming that all values are correct, click Save and Distribute. After the configurations are successfully distributed, click Restart Component to make the parameters take effect.

    If you modify the component parameters on the Shell command line, and then modify them again in the EMR Console, the previous modifications made on the command line will be overridden.