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Configuration Management

Last updated: 2022-05-16 12:15:41


    Configuration management supports modifying key configuration parameters of commonly used open-source components such as HDFS, YARN, Hive, and Spark. The configuration of services can be modified as needed at the level of cluster, node, or configuration group. This document describes how to configure service parameters in the console.


    • For security reasons, when a custom configuration file is deleted in Configuration Management in the console, it will not be deleted from the client.
    • If you need to delete a custom configuration file from the client, you can use a cluster script to batch perform the operation on existing clusters.


    1. Log in to the EMR console, select the target cluster in Cluster List, and click Service to enter the cluster service list.
    2. In the cluster service list, select Operation > Configuration Management in the top-right corner of the target service block. On the Configuration Management page, click Modify Configuration to add, modify, or delete parameters. You can also click Create Configuration File to add a custom configuration file and set its parameters.
    • To configure the parameters of all nodes of the selected service in the cluster, select Cluster level.
    • To configure the parameters of a specified node of the selected service, select Node level.
    • To configure the parameters of multiple specified nodes of the selected service, create a configuration group and use it as the level.
    1. Click Modify Configuration and enter the new parameter value for the target parameter. If needed, you can click Recover to recover a parameter to its original value. You can also click Default Value to restore the parameter to the default value recommended by the system. Delete next to a parameter indicates that the parameter can be deleted. To delete it, click Delete > OK.
    2. If the parameter you want to configure does not exist, you can click Add a configuration item on the right to enter the Add parameter page. Enter the new parameter name and value and click OK.
    3. If the configuration file you want to configure does not exist, you can click Create Configuration File on the bottom-left corner to enter the configuration file configuration page, configure the configuration file, and click Save Configuration. The parameters will be delivered, and the configuration file name will be updated in the configuration file list.

      After the custom configuration file is delivered and takes effect, it can be modified and deleted:

      Save the configuration:
    4. After completing parameter modification, click Save Configuration to confirm the changes. We recommend you enter a reason of change for future reference. After confirming that all values are correct, click Save and Deliver. After the parameters are successfully delivered, click Restart Service to make the parameters take effect.

      If you modify the service parameters on the Shell command line, and then modify them again in the EMR console, the previous modifications will be overwritten.

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