Cluster Overview

Last updated: 2020-04-28 17:04:35


Cluster overview displays a summary of cluster operation status, where you can view the cluster operation status, core service metrics, core server metrics, and top 10 loaded servers.

Viewing Cluster Details

  1. Log in to the EMR Console and select Cluster Monitoring > Cluster Overview on the left sidebar to directly view the overall status of the current cluster.
  2. The Cluster Overview page provides four monitoring views in the cluster dimension, namely, overall status of cluster, key cluster metrics, cluster deployment status, and top 10 loaded servers.
    • Overall Status of Cluster displays whether the current cluster status is normal, component quantity, server quantity, and whether metadata is online.
    • Key Cluster Metrics displays the total utilization of HDFS, YARN, CPU, memory, and disk as well as total network traffic of the current cluster. You can click View Trend in the top-right corner of each metric and select a desired time period to view the corresponding usage trend.

    • Cluster Deployment Status displays exceptional, missing, and invalid processes deployed on nodes and the number of nodes in the current cluster, so that you can correct the configuration accordingly.
    • Top 10 Loaded Servers displays the trend of node loads in the current cluster under core metrics. You can select multiple servers to compare their load trends under the same metric.