Notes on Arrears

Last updated: 2020-02-28 16:34:23


Alert for Arrears

  • For pay-as-you-go EMR clusters, when your account balance is in negative, we will notify the Tencent Cloud account creator, global resource collaborators and financial collaborators via email and SMS.

Repossession Mechanism

When your account balance falls below zero, the pay-as-you-go EMR cluster can be used and fees will be deducted for 2 more hours. After 2 hours, the cluster will be isolated and moved to the recycle bin, and we will also stop billing you for service.

  • If you top up your account within 24 hours to a positive balance, the billing will continue, and the cluster will be automatically recovered.
  • If your account is not topped up to a positive balance within 24 hours, the cluster cannot be recovered.
  • If your account balance remains negative for 24 hours, your pay-as-you-go cluster will be terminated, and all data will be cleared and cannot be recovered.
  • When you no longer need to use pay-as-you-go clusters, please terminate them as soon as possible to avoid further fee deductions.
  • After a cluster is terminated, the data will be cleared and cannot be recovered.
  • As your actual resource consumption may change over time, there may be some deviation in the balance alert.