Role Authorization

Last updated: 2021-01-22 16:08:48

    When using the EMR service, you need to authorize the default system role EMR_QCSRole for the service account. Only after the role is authorized successfully can EMR call relevant services such as CVM and COS to create clusters and store logs.


    When you activate the EMR service for the first time, you must use the root account to complete role authorization; otherwise, neither sub-accounts nor the root account can use EMR.

    Role Authorization Process

    1. When you create a cluster or a scheduled plan, if the EMR_QCSRole role fails to be authorized for the service account and the following prompt is displayed, you need to click Go to CAM to complete role authorization.
    2. Click Grant to authorize the default role EMR_QCSRole for the EMR service account.
    3. After the authorization, you need to refresh the EMR console or the purchase page. For more information on the policies related to EMR_QCSRole, please log in to the CAM console. For more information on the permissions included in EMR_QCSRole, please see Collaborator/Sub-account Permissions.