Cluster Scripts

Last updated: 2021-09-30 17:15:18

    Feature Overview

    The cluster script feature allows you to run a script on multiple nodes at a time for higher efficiency. Only one cluster script can be run in a cluster at a time. If a cluster script is running (such as installing a third-party software or modifying the running environment of the cluster), you cannot submit and execute new cluster scripts.


    • Only files in COS can be selected as the script to run.
    • Only nodes in the current cluster can be selected to run the script on.
    • You can set custom parameters based on your business requirements.
    • The EMR console does not verify the scripts you run. Therefore, running a custom script is risky, so please operate with caution.


    • The cluster script feature is only available for clusters that are running.
    • The script to be run must be a shell script file in the COS STANDARD storage class.
    • To use the cluster script feature, you must grant EMR the permission to access COS.


    1. Log in to the EMR console and click a cluster ID in the cluster list to go the instance information page. Click Cluster Scripts > Set Task.
    2. Set the Task Name, Script, Nodes, and Custom Parameter fields. After that, click Run to generate a task in the task list.
    3. There are various task statuses depending on the execution results, including successful, failed, partially failed, etc. You can click Details to view details.

    4. A cluster script may run successfully on some nodes and fail on other nodes. You can batch copy the failed nodes to run the script again.