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Adjusting Configuration

Last updated: 2022-05-16 12:15:41


    In actual use, you may find that the configurations of the nodes in your cluster need to be upgraded, especially when the CPU or memory resources of the master nodes are insufficient. This document describes how to change the instance configuration in the EMR console.


    1. The instance will be shut down during the change. Note that the shutdown may affect the normal use of the cluster and even interrupt your business.
    2. After the configurations of pay-as-you-go nodes are changed, the billing tier will restart from the first tier.
    3. The configurations of local-disk models cannot be changed.
    4. The size of data disks and system disks cannot be changed.
    5. The target configurations must be higher than or equal to the current configurations.


    1. Log in to the EMR console and click the ID/Name of the target cluster in the cluster list to enter the cluster details page.
    2. Select Cluster Resource on the cluster details page to enter the Resource Management page. Select the target instance based on your business needs and node type and click Operation > Change Configuration.
    3. On the configuration adjustment page, confirm the relevant information, read carefully the notes, and select I have read and understood the notes and agree to the operation.

    4. Select the target configuration, confirm the cost, and click Start Adjustment to adjust the configuration.
    5. (Optional) To adjust the resources of the component after configuration adjustment, you need to deliver the configuration again in Configuration Management and restart the service.
      • Taking updating YARN NodeManager resources as an example, select Cluster Service on the cluster details page and click Operation > Configuration Management in the top-right corner of the YARN block in the cluster service list.
      • On the Configuration Management page, select the yarn-site.xml configuration file and click Modify Configuration.
      • The YARN resources will be automatically adjusted according to the model and specification by default. To manually adjust them, modify the parameters of the yarn.nodemanager.resource.cpu-vcores and yarn.nodemanager.resource.memory-mb configuration items.
      • Click Save Configuration. After delivering the configuration, restart the NodeManager service, and the YARN resource configuration will be updated.
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