Change from Pay-as-You-Go to Serverless Billing

Last updated: 2021-06-25 18:41:12

    The billing mode of TDSQL-C can be changed from pay-as-you-go to serverless. TDSQL-C implements this change by converting the cluster type on the backend. After this change, the bills and details will also change, while the payment mode will remain as pay-as-you-go.


    • During the change from pay-as-you-go billing to serverless billing, the database can be accessed normally but will experience a momentary interruption when the billing mode is changed. Therefore, we recommend you configure an automatic reconnection feature for your application.
    • The change from pay-as-you-go billing to serverless billing is irreversible.


    1. Log in to the TDSQL-C console, select the target instance in the instance list, and click More > Pay-as-You-Go to Serverless in the Operation column.
    2. In the pop-up window, set the minimum CCU, the maximum CCU, and the auto-pause time for the target serverless database, check the box to agree to the rules of the pay-as-you-go to serverless billing mode change, and click OK.