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Last updated: 2022-06-07 15:42:00

    The engine of TDSQL-C for MySQL allows deploying a cluster across AZs. A multi-AZ cluster has superior disaster recovery capabilities than a single-AZ cluster and can protect your database against database instance failures, AZ outages, and even IDC-level failures.

    The multi-AZ deployment scheme of TDSQL-C for MySQL guarantees the high availability and failover capability of database instances by combining multiple AZs into a single "multi-AZ".


    • The cluster region has at least two AZs.
    • The target AZ has sufficient computing resources.
    • Database version requirements:
    • Database version 5.7 with kernel minor version 2.0.15 or above.
    • Database version 8.0 with kernel minor version 3.0.1 or above.

    Multi-AZ Deployment Architecture

    Supported Regions and AZs

    • Currently, this feature is in beta test and only supports the following regions and AZs.
    • This feature will gradually support more regions and AZs.
    • If required by your business, you can submit a ticket to apply for deployment in other regions and AZs.
    Supported RegionSupported AZ
    North China (Beijing) Beijing Zone 5
    Beijing Zone 7
    South China (Guangzhou) Guangzhou Zone 4
    Guangzhou Zone 6
    East China (Shanghai) Shanghai Zone 2
    Shanghai Zone 4

    How to Implement Multi-AZ Architecture

    You can create a cluster in multi-AZ deployment mode in the TDSQL-C for MySQL console. Your existing single-AZ clusters will also be upgraded to the multi-AZ mode. The upgrade will be automatically completed through online data migration without affecting your business. For more information, see Setting Multi-AZ Deployment.

    Multi-AZ Billing Description

    There are no additional fees for the multi-AZ feature for the time being.


    Currently, single-AZ clusters can also be upgraded to multi-AZ clusters for free.

    Multi-AZ Information Display

    1. The cluster list page displays the information of the cluster's primary AZ and supports filtering.
    2. On the cluster details page, you can view the AZs where data is distributed in Basic Info > Availability Info.
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