API Category

Last updated: 2021-03-19 16:32:28

Region APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeRegions Queries the list of regions
DescribeZones Queries a list of availability zones

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeInstances Views the list of instances
DescribeInstanceFamilyConfigs Queries supported instance model families
DescribeZoneInstanceConfigInfos Queries the configurations of models in an availability zone
DescribeInstanceTypeConfigs Queries the list of instance models
DescribeInstancesOperationLimit Queries limitations on operations on an instance
DescribeInstanceVncUrl Queries the VNC URL of an instance
InquiryPriceRunInstances Queries the price of creating instances
InquiryPriceResetInstance Queries the price of instance reinstallation
InquiryPriceResetInstancesType Queries the price of an instance with a new configuration
InquiryPriceResizeInstanceDisks Queries the capacity price of an instance after disk expansion
RunInstances Creates instances
StartInstances Starts instances
RebootInstances Restarts instances
StopInstances Shuts down instances
ResetInstance Reinstalls the OS of an instance
TerminateInstances Returns instances
ResetInstancesType Changes the model of an instance
ResizeInstanceDisks Expands the disk capacity of an instance
ResetInstancesPassword Resets instance passwords
ModifyInstancesAttribute Modifies instance attributes
ModifyInstancesProject Modifies the project of an instance
DescribeInstancesStatus Views the list of instance status
DescribeReservedInstances Lists reserved instances that have been purchased
DescribeReservedInstancesConfigInfos Queries reserved instance configurations
DescribeReservedInstancesOfferings Describes Reserved Instance offerings
InquirePricePurchaseReservedInstancesOffering Queries the price of reserved instance offerings
PurchaseReservedInstancesOffering Purchases Reserved Instances


API Name Feature
DescribeHosts Views the list of CDH instances
AllocateHosts Creates CDH instances
ModifyHostsAttribute Modifies the attributes of a CDH instance

Placement Group APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDisasterRecoverGroups Queries information on spread placement groups
DescribeDisasterRecoverGroupQuota Queries the quota of placement groups
CreateDisasterRecoverGroup Creates a spread placement group
ModifyDisasterRecoverGroupAttribute Modifies spread placement group attributes
DeleteDisasterRecoverGroups Deletes a spread placement group

Image APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeImages Views the list of images
DescribeImageSharePermission Views image sharing information
DescribeImportImageOs Queries the list of supported operating systems of imported images
DescribeImageQuota Queries image quota
CreateImage Creates an image
ModifyImageSharePermission Modifies image sharing information
SyncImages Syncs an image
ModifyImageAttribute Modifies image attributes
DeleteImages Deletes images
ImportImage Imports images

Key APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeKeyPairs Queries the list of key pairs
CreateKeyPair Creates a key pair
AssociateInstancesKeyPairs Associates a key with an instance
DisassociateInstancesKeyPairs Disassociates key pairs from instances
DeleteKeyPairs Deletes key pairs
ModifyKeyPairAttribute Modifies key pair attributes
ImportKeyPair Imports key pairs

Security Group APIs

API Name Feature
AssociateSecurityGroups Associates security groups with instances
DisassociateSecurityGroups Disassociates security groups from instances

Network APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeInternetChargeTypeConfigs Queries the network billing methods
InquiryPriceResetInstancesInternetMaxBandwidth Queries the price of public network bandwidth for an instance with a new maximum bandwidth
ResetInstancesInternetMaxBandwidth Changes the maximum public network bandwidth of an instance
ModifyInstancesVpcAttribute Modifies instance VPC attributes