Pipeline Operator

Last updated: 2021-03-24 15:30:20

    Feature Overview

    The pipeline operator | in Tencent Cloud CI can be used to perform multiple types of processing on images in a sequence. You can use the pipeline operator to separate multiple processing parameters so that different types of processing can be performed on an image in a single access. The size of the input image to be processed cannot exceed 20 MB, its width and height cannot exceed 30,000 pixels respectively, and its total pixels cannot exceed 250 million. The width and height of the output image cannot exceed 9,999 pixels respectively. For animated images, the input image's Width x Height x Number of frames cannot exceed 250 million pixels.

    API Form

    Following an image URL, the style separator ? is used to connect processing styles that are separated with the pipeline operator | and executed in a sequence. Currently, up to three layers of pipelines are supported.


    This example shows you how to scale an original image by 50% and then add the text watermark “CI” in the lower-right corner.

    Assume that the URL of the original image is as follows:


    The original image is as follows:

    Scaling operations

    Add a scaling operation. Then, the URL is as follows:


    The image is as follows:

    Adding a watermark

    Use a pipeline operator and then add the text watermark for style processing. The final URL is as follows:


    The final image is as follows:

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