Practices on Loading JSON Data to Hive

Last updated: 2020-12-24 10:32:22

    1. Connect to Hive

    Log in to a master node of the EMR cluster, switch to the "hadoop" user, go to the Hive directory, and connect to Hive by running the following command:

    [root@10 ~]# su hadoop
    [hadoop@10 root]$ cd /usr/local/service/hive

    2. Prepare data

    Create a data file in JSON format. Compile the following code and save:


    Store the data file in HDFS:

    hadoop fs -put ./ /

    3. Create a table

    Connect to Hive:

    [hadoop@10 hive]$ hive

    Create a table based on the mapping:

    hive> CREATE TABLE test (name string, age int, course array<map<string,string>>, grade array<int>) ROW FORMAT SERDE '' STORED AS TEXTFILE;

    4. Import data

    hive>LOAD DATA INPATH '/' into table test;

    5. Check whether data import is successful

    Query all data:

    hive> select * from test;
    Mary    12    [{"name":"math","location":"b208"},{"name":"english","location":"b702"}]    [99,98,95]
    Bob    20    [{"name":"music","location":"b108"},{"name":"history","location":"b711"}]   [91,92,93]
    Time taken: 0.153 seconds, Fetched: 2 row(s)

    Query the first score of each record:

    hive> select grade[0] from test;
    Time taken: 0.374 seconds, Fetched: 2 row(s)

    Query the name and location of the first course of each record:

    hive> select course[0]['name'], course[0]['location'] from test;
    math    b208
    music    b108
    Time taken: 0.162 seconds, Fetched: 2 row(s)