COS Data Import

Last updated: 2020-05-28 15:44:40

    ClickHouse allows you to import data stored in COS to tables in two methods:

    • Table engine: you can create an Engine=S3 external table to import data.
    • Table function: you can use a built-in function to import data.

    Before using the two methods above, you need to set COS to publicly readable. Currently, read/write of the authentication method (through secretId and secretKey) is not supported.

    Using Table Engine

    You can create an external table and a destination table whose engine is S3 and use the INSERT INTO statement to insert data in batches.

    CREATE TABLE testdb.costb (
        column1 UInt32, 
        column2 String,
        column3 String
    ) ENGINE=S3 ('http://${bucket-name}.cos.${region}', 'CSV');
    CREATE TABLE testdb.chtb (
        column1 UInt32, 
        column2 String, 
        column3 String
    ) ENGINE=MergeTree() ORDER BY(column1);
    INSERT INTO testdb.chtb SELECT * FROM testdb.costb;

    Using Table Function

    When creating a table, you can use the s3 built-in function to directly import data into it.

    CREATE TABLE testdb.chtb
    ORDER BY(column1) 
    AS SELECT * FROM s3(
      'CSV', 'column1 UInt32, column2 String, column3 String');


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