Mounting CHDFS

Last updated: 2020-02-28 19:40:40


Operation Scenarios

Cloud HDFS (CHDFS) is a high-performance distributed file system with standard HDFS access protocols and hierarchical namespaces. EMR supports read/write of data in CHDFS. This document describes how to mount a CHDFS instance to an EMR cluster.


Scenario 1. Mounting a CHDFS instance to a new cluster

New cluster: this refers to clusters created on or after December 31, 2019. For new clusters, the default CHDFS mounting address of EMR is /data/emr/chdfs.

  1. Set the connectivity between CHDFS and EMR.
    An EMR cluster is automatically adaptive to CHDFS. Create a CHDFS instance and set permissions reasonably to interconnect the CHDFS instance and EMR cluster.
  2. Check the connectivity between CHDFS and EMR.
    In the EMR cluster, use the hadoop fs command line tool to run the hadoop fs –ls ofs://${mountpoint}/ command. Here, mountpoint is the mounting address. If the file list is output properly, the CHDFS has been successfully mounted.