Demo Quick Run

Last updated: 2021-08-13 17:44:37

    TRTC offers demos for different platforms to help you get started quickly.


    You have activated TRTC and logged in to the TRTC console.


    Step 1. Create an application

    1. In the TRTC console, select Development Assistance > Demo Quick Run.
    2. Enter an application name such as TestTRTC and click Create.

    An application name can contain up to 16 characters. Only digits, letters, Chinese characters, and underscores are allowed.

    Step 2. Download the source code

    1. Download the SDK and demo source code for your platform.
    2. Click Next.

    Step 3. Modify configuration

    1. In the Modify Configuration step, select the platform in line with the source package downloaded.
    2. Find and open the specified file, and paste the SDKAppID and key generated to the specified locations in the file.
    3. Click Next to complete the creation.


    Keep the key confidential and do not disclose it to others.

    Step 4. Compile and run

    Use the method that suits your development environment to compile the demo. For details, see the documents below:

    After compilation, click Return to Overview Page.