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Message Storage

Last updated: 2022-05-24 21:04:12

    Roaming Message Storage

    IM supports message roaming, which means that, when users log in on different devices, they still have access to chat history.
    By default, roaming one-to-one chat messages and group chat messages are stored for 7 days, and they will be deleted then. IM allows you to change the message roaming period in the console. Extending the message roaming period is a value-added service. For the billing details, see Pricing.

    Different SDK versions allow you to extend the storage time of historical messages for different message types.

    SDK Version Text Custom Message Image File Short Audio Short Video Rich Media Message
    Android 5.X
    Android 4.X
    Android 3.X × × × × ×
    Android 2.X × × × × ×
    iOS 5.X
    iOS 4.X
    iOS 3.X × × × × ×
    iOS 2.X × × × × ×
    PC SDK 2.X × × × × ×
    Web and mini program SDK 2.X
    Web and mini program SDK 1.X × × × × ×

    We recommend you upgrade to the latest SDK version for improved user experience.

    Unread Message Storage

    IM supports the storage of unread messages; that is, messages sent to users when they are offline will be pulled upon next login.

    For one-to-one chat, unread messages in up to 100 conversations are saved for each user for 7 days by default, with up to 100 unread messages in each conversation. Excessive messages will not be counted as unread messages, but they will still be saved in message roaming. For group chat, there are no such limits.

    Recent Contacts

    Similar to the list of recent contacts on QQ, recent contacts display the users who have recently contacted the current user as well as their last messages.

    By default, the client will pull the recent contacts through the SDK upon login to display the conversation list, and the recent 100 contacts are stored by default for the same period as the last messages; for example, if no messages have been sent to or received from a contact for 7 days, this contact cannot be obtained in the recent contacts after the last message expires.

    App Local Storage

    Users do not need to store messages because the SDK stores the received messages by default. Users can call the API to obtain local messages (no network required). Additionally, local messages can be obtained through the getMessage API. When gaps exist in local message history, roaming messages are used to fill in the gaps.
    By default, the SDK does not delete user messages, but you are provided with the option to delete local messages.

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