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Profile Management

Last updated: 2022-05-23 20:17:27

    Profile System Overview

    Instant Messaging (IM) provides a complete set of profile solutions through its user profile hosting capacity. IM’s profile hosting service enables your users to easily set and pull profiles.

    • IM can store profile information, ensuring that your data has disaster recovery, cross-region deployment, and auto scaling capabilities. In this way, you are completely free from complex processing flows, such as server downtime, multi-copy primary-secondary replication, and capacity scaling.
    • IM provides the business processing flows commonly used in the industry, with which you do not have to worry about user profile business logic.
    • IM provides professional operations processes and teams, ensuring 99.99% service quality annually and helping you offer stable services.
    • IM provides easy-to-use service APIs and easy-to-access guidelines, with premium services throughout the whole process.

    By using IM’s profile hosting service, you will be able to:

    • Store, read, and write standard profile fields.
    • Store, read, and write custom profile fields.

    Profile Fields

    A profile is a set of data that describes user properties. IM’s profile system supports standard and custom profile fields. Profile fields have the following characteristics:

    • Profile fields are expressed in key-value format.

    • Key is of string type, and its name contains only uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.

    • Value has the following types:
      a. An integer of uint32_t type (not supported for custom fields)
      b. An integer of uint64_t type (not supported for custom fields)
      c. A string of string type (the length of the string cannot exceed 500 bytes)
      d. A buffer of bytes type (the length of the buffer cannot exceed 500 bytes)

    • You can configure the read and write permissions for each key. The read and write permissions of profile fields are as follows:

    Permission Name Permission Type Notes
    Read permission Readable by app
    Readable by app admin
    You can select one or more types of read permission.
    Write permission Writable by app
    Writable by app admin
    You can select one or more types of write permission.

    Standard Profile Fields

    Currently, IM supports the following standard profile fields:

    Field Name Type Description Push Notification upon Update Notes
    Tag_Profile_IM_Nick string Nickname Yes The maximum length is 500 bytes.
    Tag_Profile_IM_Gender string Gender Yes Gender_Type_Unknown: the gender is not set
    Gender_Type_Female: female
    Gender_Type_Male: male
    Tag_Profile_IM_BirthDay uint32 Date of birth Yes Recommended format: 20190419
    Tag_Profile_IM_Location string Location Yes The maximum length is 16 bytes. Recommended usage:
    The app locally defines a set of number-location mappings.
    The backend stores four uint32_t numbers.
    The first uint32_t denotes the country or region.
    The second uint32_t denotes the state or province.
    The third uint32_t denotes the city.
    The fourth uint32_t denotes the district or county.
    Tag_Profile_IM_SelfSignature string Personal signature Yes The maximum length is 500 bytes.
    Tag_Profile_IM_AllowType string Approval method for new friend requests Yes AllowType_Type_NeedConfirm: manually accept new friend requests.
    AllowType_Type_AllowAny: automatically accept all new friend requests.
    AllowType_Type_DenyAny: reject all new friend requests.
    Tag_Profile_IM_Language uint32 Language Yes None
    Tag_Profile_IM_Image string URL of the profile photo Yes The maximum length is 500 bytes.
    Tag_Profile_IM_MsgSettings uint32 Message settings Yes Flag bit:
    Bit 0: set to 0 to receive messages, and set to 1 to block messages
    Tag_Profile_IM_AdminForbidType string Admin forbids tagging new friend requests Yes AdminForbid_Type_None: the default value, and sending new friend requests is allowed.
    AdminForbid_Type_SendOut: sending new friend requests is forbidden.
    Tag_Profile_IM_Level uint32 Level Yes Generally, a piece of UINT-8 data stores the information of one level.
    You can divide the level to store the level information of multiple roles.
    Tag_Profile_IM_Role uint32 Role Yes Generally, a piece of UINT-8 data stores the information of one role.
    You can divide the role to store the information of multiple roles.

    Custom Profile Fields

    Custom profile fields are the user data set by each app according to its own business needs. By using custom profile fields, an app can add additional data to user profiles and perform read and write operations through existing APIs.

    Applying for custom profile fields

    To apply for custom profile fields, the app admin can log in to the IM console and select Application Configuration > Feature Configuration. After the application is submitted, custom profile fields will take effect in 5 minutes.
    When applying for custom profile fields, you need to submit the following information for each field:

    Naming rules for custom profile fields

    The rules for naming custom profile fields are as follows:

    • The name of the custom profile field contains the prefix and keyword parts.
    • The prefix of the custom profile field is Tag_Profile_Custom.
    • Keyword: The keyword must be a string of letters with a length no more than 8 bytes. We recommend you use an English word or its abbreviation as the keyword.
    • Example: If the custom field to be applied for by an app has the keyword Test, then the name of the custom profile field is: Tag_Profile_Custom_Test.


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