RESTful API List

Last updated: 2021-04-13 17:01:57

    Account Management

    Feature API
    Imports a single account v4/im_open_login_svc/account_import
    Imports multiple accounts v4/im_open_login_svc/multiaccount_import
    Deletes accounts v4/im_open_login_svc/account_delete
    Queries accounts v4/im_open_login_svc/account_check
    Invalidates account login states v4/im_open_login_svc/kick
    Queries account online status v4/openim/querystate

    One-to-One Chat Message

    Feature API
    Sends one-to-one chat messages to one user v4/openim/sendmsg
    Sends one-to-one chat messages to multiple users v4/openim/batchsendmsg
    Imports one-to-one chat messages v4/openim/importmsg
    Queries one-to-one chat messages v4/openim/admin_getroammsg
    Recalls one-to-one chat messages v4/openim/admin_msgwithdraw
    Marks one-to-one chat messages as read v4/openim/admin_set_msg_read

    Pushing to All Users

    Feature API
    Pushes to all users v4/all_member_push/im_push
    Sets application attribute names v4/all_member_push/im_set_attr_name
    Gets application attribute names v4/all_member_push/im_get_attr_name
    Gets user attributes v4/all_member_push/im_get_attr
    Sets user attributes v4/all_member_push/im_set_attr
    Deletes user attributes v4/all_member_push/im_remove_attr
    Gets user tags v4/all_member_push/im_get_tag
    Adds user tags v4/all_member_push/im_add_tag
    Deletes user tags v4/all_member_push/im_remove_tag
    Deletes all tags of a user v4/all_member_push/im_remove_all_tags

    Profile Management

    Feature API
    Configures profiles v4/profile/portrait_set
    Pulls profiles v4/profile/portrait_get

    Relationship Chain Management

    Feature API
    Adds friends v4/sns/friend_add
    Imports friends v4/sns/friend_import
    Updates friends v4/sns/friend_update
    Deletes friends v4/sns/friend_delete
    Deletes all friends v4/sns/friend_delete_all
    Verifies friends v4/sns/friend_check
    Pulls friends v4/sns/friend_get
    Pulls specified friends v4/sns/friend_get_list
    Blocklists users v4/sns/black_list_add
    Unblocklists users v4/sns/black_list_delete
    Pulls a blocklist v4/sns/black_list_get
    Verifies users on a blocklist v4/sns/black_list_check
    Adds lists v4/sns/group_add
    Deletes lists v4/sns/group_delete

    Group Management

    Feature API
    Creates a group v4/group_open_http_svc/create_group
    Gets group profiles v4/group_open_http_svc/get_group_info
    Gets group member profiles v4/group_open_http_svc/get_group_member_info
    Modifies the profile of a group v4/group_open_http_svc/modify_group_base_info
    Adds group members v4/group_open_http_svc/add_group_member
    Deletes group members v4/group_open_http_svc/delete_group_member
    Modifies the profile of a group member v4/group_open_http_svc/modify_group_member_info
    Disbands a group v4/group_open_http_svc/destroy_group
    Gets the groups a user has joined v4/group_open_http_svc/get_joined_group_list
    Queries the roles of users in a group v4/group_open_http_svc/get_role_in_group
    Mutes/Unmutes group members v4/group_open_http_svc/forbid_send_msg
    Gets the list of muted group members v4/group_open_http_svc/get_group_shutted_uin
    Sends ordinary messages in a group v4/group_open_http_svc/send_group_msg
    Sends system messages in a group v4/group_open_http_svc/send_group_system_notification
    Recalls group messages v4/group_open_http_svc/group_msg_recall
    Changes group owner v4/group_open_http_svc/change_group_owner
    Imports a group profile v4/group_open_http_svc/import_group
    Imports group messages v4/group_open_http_svc/import_group_msg
    Imports group members v4/group_open_http_svc/import_group_member
    Sets the unread message count of a member v4/group_open_http_svc/set_unread_msg_num
    Deletes messages sent by a specified user v4/group_open_http_svc/delete_group_msg_by_sender
    Gets historical group messages v4/group_open_http_svc/group_msg_get_simple
    Gets the number of online users in an audio-video group v4/group_open_http_svc/get_online_member_num
    Queries the roles of users in a group v4/group_open_http_svc/get_role_in_group

    Global Mute Management

    Feature API
    Sets global mute v4/openconfigsvr/setnospeaking
    Queries global mute v4/openconfigsvr/getnospeaking

    Operations Management

    Feature API
    Pulls operations data v4/openconfigsvr/getappinfo
    Downloads recent messages v4/open_msg_svc/get_history
    Gets server IP addresses v4/ConfigSvc/GetIPList

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