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Last updated: 2022-04-21 15:37:10


    TIMUIKitCore provides two static methods: getInstance and getSDKInstance.

    • getInstance: returns a CoreServicesImpl instance.
    • getSDKInstance: returns an SDK instance.

    CoreServicesImpl is the TIMUIKit core class, which provides methods for initialization, login, logout, and getting user information.

    import 'package:tim_ui_kit/tim_ui_kit.dart';
    final CoreServicesImpl _coreInstance = TIMUIKitCore.getInstance();
    final V2TIMManager _sdkInstance = TIMUIKitCore.getSDKInstance();
    /// init
           sdkAppID: 0, // SDKAppID obtained from the console
           loglevel: LogLevelEnum.V2TIM_LOG_DEBUG,
           listener: V2TimSDKListener());
    /// unInit
    /// login
       userID: 0, // User ID
       userSig: "" // See the official documentation for userSig
    /// logout
    /// getUsersInfo
    _coreInstance.getUsersInfo(userIDList: ["123", "456"]);
    /// setOfflinePushConfig
       businessID: businessID, // IM console certificate ID, which does not need to be entered for TPNS integration
       token: token, // Token obtained when you register your application with the vendor platform or TPNS
       isTPNSToken: false // Whether to integrate TPNS, or whether the token is obtained from TPNS
    /// setSelfInfo
    _coreInstance.setSelfInfo(userFullInfo: userFullInfo) // Set user information
    /// setTheme
    _coreInstance.setTheme(TUITheme theme: theme) // Set the theme color
       // Primary color of the application
       final Color? primaryColor;
       // Secondary color of the application
       final Color? secondaryColor;
       // Tip (information) color, for secondary actions or tips
       final Color? infoColor;
       // Light background color, which is lighter than the primary background color and is used to fill gaps or shadows
       final Color? weakBackgroundColor;
       // Light dividing line color, for dividing lines or borders
       final Color? weakDividerColor;
       // Light font color
       final Color? weakTextColor;
       // Dark font color
       final Color? darkTextColor;
       // Light primary color, for app bars or panels
       final Color? lightPrimaryColor;
       // Font color
       final Color? textColor;
       // Caution color, for high-risk operations
       final Color? cautionColor;
       // Group owner color
       final Color? ownerColor;
       // Group admin color
       final Color? adminColor;)

    Static methods

    • TIMUIKitCore.getInstance():
      Returns a CoreServicesImpl instance.
    • TIMUIKitCore.getSDKInstance():
      Returns a V2TIMManager SDK instance. For the usage details, see Flutter IM SDK documentation.


    TIMUIKitConversation is a conversation component for getting user conversation lists. It provides a set of UIs by default and allows users to customize the number of items. It also provides the corresponding TIMUIKitConversationController.

    import 'package:tim_ui_kit/tim_ui_kit.dart';
    final TIMUIKitConversationController _controller =
    void _handleOnConvItemTaped(V2TimConversation? selectedConv) {
      /// Processing logic, from which you can redirect to the chat UI
    List<ConversationItemSlidablePanel> _itemSlidableBuilder(
        V2TimConversation conversationItem) {
      return [
          onPressed: (context) {
          backgroundColor: hexToColor("006EFF"),
          foregroundColor: Colors.white,
          label: 'Clear chat',
          autoClose: true,
          onPressed: (context) {
          backgroundColor: hexToColor("FF9C19"),
          foregroundColor: Colors.white,
          label: conversationItem.isPinned! ? 'Unpin from top' : 'Pin to top',
      onTapItem: _handleOnConvItemTaped, /// Conversation item tapping callback, which can be used to redirect to the chat UI
      itemSlidableBuilder: _itemSlidableBuilder, /// Action of sliding a conversation item to the left. You can customize the action, for example, configure the action to pin a conversation to the top.
      controller: _controller, /// Conversation component controller. You can use it to get conversation data, configure conversation data, pin a conversation to the top, and so on.
      itembuilder: (conversationItem) {} /// UI for customizing conversation items. It can be used with `TIMUIKitConversationController` to implement business logic.
      conversationCollector: (conversation) {} /// Conversation collector. You can configure whether to display conversations.



    • loadData(int count):
      Loads a conversation list. count specifies the number of conversations loaded each time.
    • reloadData(int count):
      Reloads a conversation list. count specifies the number of conversations reloaded each time.
    • pinConversation({required String conversationID, required bool isPinned}):
      Pins a conversation to the top.
    • clearHistoryMessage({required V2TimConversation conversation}):
      Clears the messages of a specified conversation.
    • deleteConversation({required String conversationID}):
      Deletes a specified conversation.
    • setConversationListener({V2TimConversationListener? listener}):
      Adds a conversation listener.
    • dispose():


    TIMUIKitChat is a chat component that provides the capability to display message lists and send messages, and supports the customization of display of various custom message types. It can also be used with TIMUIKitChatController to implement the local storage and pre-rendering of messages.
    Currently, TIMUIKitChat can be used to parse the following types of message:

    • Text message
    • Image message
    • Video message
    • Voice message
    • Group message
    • Combined message
    • File message
    import 'package:tim_ui_kit/tim_ui_kit.dart';
      conversationID: "", /// Conversation ID
      conversationType: 0, /// Conversation type
      conversationShowName: "", /// Conversation display name
      appBarActions: [], /// App bar action. You can use it to redirect to the group profile page or user profile page.
      onTapAvatar: _onTapAvatar, /// Profile photo tapping callback. You can use it to redirect to the user profile page.
      showNickName: false, /// Whether to display the nickname
      messageItemBuilder: (message) {
          /// Custom message constructor. If `null` is returned, the default constructor is used.
      exteraTipsActionItemBuilder: (message) {
        /// Message tap-and-hold tip customization. Configure it according to your business requirements.



    • setMessageListener({V2TimAdvancedMsgListener? listener}): sets an event listener for advanced messages.
    • removeMessageListener({V2TimAdvancedMsgListener? listener}): removes an event listener for advanced messages.
    • clearHistory(): clears the message history.
    • dispose(): termination


    TIMUIKitProfile is used to display user profiles. It also allows you to customize and add actions.

      userID: "",
      controller: TIMUIKitProfileController(),  // Profile Controller
      operationListBuilder: (context, userInfo, conversation) {
          /// Custom action, such as setting the Mute Notifications option and pinning a message to the top. If no value is passed in, the default action is used by default.
      bottomOperationBuilder: (context, friendInfo, conversation) {
          /// Bottom action, such as deleting a friend
      handleProfileDetailCardTap: (BuildContext context, V2TimUserFullInfo? userFullInfo) {
          /// User profile tile tapping callback
      canJumpToPersonalProfile: false, // Whether to redirect to the user profile page


    • pinedConversation(bool isPined,String convID):
      Pins a conversation to the top. isPined indicates whether to pin the conversation to the top. convID indicates the ID of the conversation to be pinned to the top.
    • addUserToBlackList(bool shouldAdd,String userID):
      Adds a user to the blocklist. shouldAdd indicates whether to add the user to the blocklist. userID indicates the ID of the user to be added to the blocklist.
    • changeFriendVerificationMethod(int allowType):
      Modifies the friend request verification mode. 0 means to accept all friend requests. 1 means requiring approval for friend requests. 2 means to reject all friend requests.
    • updateRemarks(String userID,String remark):
      Updates the remarks of a friend. userID indicates the ID of the user whose remarks are to be updated. remark indicates the remarks.
    • loadData:
      Loads data.
    • dispose():
    • addFriend(String userID):
      Adds a friend. userID indicates the ID of the friend to be added.


    TIMUIKitGroupProfile is the group management UI. It also allows you to customize and add actions.

       groupID: "", // Group ID. Required
       operationListBuilder:(){}, // Action custom constructor
       bottomOperationListBuilder: () {}, // Bottom action custom constructor

    operationListBuilder and bottomOperationListBuilder enable you to configure operation items. They can be used together with components as needed.

    Static methods

    • TIMUIKitGroupProfile.memberTile():
      Group member tile, used to display group member overview and group member list, and perform operations such as deleting a group member.
    • TIMUIKitGroupProfile.groupNotification():
      Displays and modifies group notices.
    • TIMUIKitGroupProfile.groupManage():
      Manages a group, such as setting the admin and muting members.
    • TIMUIKitGroupProfile.groupType():
      Displays the group type.
    • TIMUIKitGroupProfile.groupAddOpt():
      Sets or modifies the group joining option.
    • TIMUIKitGroupProfile.nameCard():
      Sets or modifies the group nickname.


    TIMUIKitBlackList is the blocklist component.

      onTapItem: (_) {}, /// Item tapping callback
      emptyBuilder: () {} /// Displayed when the list is empty
      itemBuilder: () {} /// Custom item


    TIMUIKitGroup is the group list component.

      onTapItem: (_) {}, /// Item tapping callback
      emptyBuilder: () {} /// Displayed when the list is empty
      itemBuilder: () {} /// Custom item


    TIMUIKitContact is the contacts component. It provides the list of contacts.

    import 'package:tim_ui_kit/tim_ui_kit.dart';
        topList: [
          TopListItem(name: "New contact", id: "newContact"),
          TopListItem(name: "My groups", id: "groupList"),
          TopListItem(name: "Blocklist", id: "blackList")
        ], /// Top action list
        topListItemBuilder: _topListBuilder, /// Top action list constructor
        onTapItem: (item) { }, /// Contact tapping
        emptyBuilder: (context) => const Center(
          child: Text("No contact"),
        ), /// Displayed when the contact list is empty


    TIMUIKitNewContact is the new contacts UI.

       onAccept: (applicationInfo) {
           /// Friend request acceptance callback
       onRefuse: (applicationInfo) {
           /// Friend request rejection callback
       emptyBuilder: () {
           /// Callback when no friend request is received
       itemBuilder: () {
           /// Custom friend request item constructor
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