DMC Overview

Last updated: 2021-01-13 18:05:32


    Database Management Console (DMC) is a one-stop Tencent Cloud data management tool. Services supported include database/table-level operations, instance session management, real-time monitoring, InnoDB lock wait, and SQL window.

    Currently, DMC supports TencentDB for MySQL, TencentDB for MariaDB, and TencentDB for TDSQL-C (compatible with MySQL). In addition, it has a built-in phpMyAdmin (PMA) management tool to help you manage your databases quickly and efficiently.

    There are two DMC versions:

    • DMC (legacy): provides features such as database/table-level operations, instance session management, real-time monitoring, and InnoDB lock wait.
    • DMC (new): provides features such as database/table-level operations, instance monitoring, instance session management, and SQL window.

    Feature Overview

    • Data management
      It supports database operations such as database/table addition and deletion, structure modification, and table data maintenance.

    • Database instance session management
      It displays multidimensional instance session information to help you easily view and perform relevant operations.

    • Database monitoring
      It provides multidimensional monitoring data such as database status, row operations of InnoDB storage engine, database connections, and traffic.

    • InnoDB lock wait
      It allows you to view InnoDB holdlock and wait lock details and delete sessions.

    • SQL window
      It provides an SQL compiler and can save frequently used SQL templates and custom SQL statements. It can also display and export SQL statement execution results.


    • Ease of use
      DMC aims to provide easy-to-use data management services. You can use the convenient operation interface to perform database operations such as creating databases/tables.

    • Visualization
      You do not need to separately install drivers or applications to use DMC. Instead, you just need to log in to DMC to manage, monitor, and manipulate databases in multiple dimensions through the visualization management page.

    • Real-time database status monitoring
      DMC can collect in real time database instance data such as CPU utilization, number of connections, and storage capacity usage, and intuitively display database instance running conditions.

    • Real-time database performance monitoring
      DMC provides database performance monitoring in seconds, covering multiple monitoring items related to MySQL status, InnoDB row operations, threads, and network to help you monitor fluctuations in each performance item in real time. In addition, it supports the categorized calculation of sessions and allows you to kill instance sessions, helping you quickly locate causes of exceptions and implement performance optimization.

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