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Data Security

Last updated: 2022-03-23 10:13:37

    Sensitive Data Discovery

    The sensitive data discovery feature can automatically discover sensitive instance data via identification rules and then implement automatic classified protection on the discovered data. It supports 20 built-in rules to identify the sensitive attributes from all dataset fields while meeting the compliance requirements, ensuring that sensitive data hidden in long text can be handled properly. In addition, it supports automatic discovery of custom types of sensitive data to satisfy your personalized needs of data protection.

    Data Masking

    The data masking feature has many built-in advanced masking algorithms that intelligently run and manage masking tasks in different business scenarios to keep core enterprise data confidential. While the security is guaranteed, the distribution characteristics and format of raw data stay unchanged after being processed, without affecting the data purposes such as statistical analysis, testing, development, and training.

    • In terms of compliance, data masking can use the anonymization technology to ensure that the masked data cannot be restored. This guarantees that enterprises can strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations during use of personal information and meet compliance requirements.
    • In terms of system performance, data masking pulls your latest real-time backup data when starting a data masking task and completes the task dynamically online in an imperceptible manner. It doesn't stop the source database, compromise the database performance, or incur additional overheads.
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