LVB Pricing

Last updated: 2020-07-22 17:40:25

    You can use the LVB price calculator to estimate your LVB fees.

    The billable items of LVB include basic service fees and value-added service fees as shown below:

    • Basic service fees: incurred by live streaming resource consumption when LVB is used. You can switch between traffic and peak bandwidth for billing.
    • Value-added service fees: incurred when value-added features such as LVB transcoding, recording, screencapturing, and porn detection are used. Such features are disabled by default and only incur fees when used.

    Basic Billable Items

    Billable Item Billing Mode Payment Mode
    LVB traffic By traffic Pay-as-you-go daily
    LVB peak bandwidth By peak bandwidth Pay-as-you-go daily

    Value-Added Billable Items

    Billable Item Billing Mode Payment Mode
    LVB transcoding By transcoding duration Pay-as-you-go daily
    LVB recording By monthly peak number of recording channels Pay-as-you-go daily
    LVB screencapturing By number of screenshots taken Pay-as-you-go daily
    Intelligent porn detection By number of screens detected Pay-as-you-go monthly
    MLVB mic connect By mic connect duration Pay-as-you-go daily

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