Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-12-23 11:26:40

    Live Show Streaming

    Integrating the MLVB SDK and room management feature of IM, CSS provides instant streaming, color filters, and co-anchoring, which are ideal for live shows. Its out-of-the-box ease of use readily helps boost the buzz around live shows.

    Video Surveillance

    CSS supports a large amount of upstream video traffic and provides live recording, transcoding, time shifting among other features, which well meet requirements in scenarios such as transportation, campus, and shop surveillance.

    Online Education

    Your teaching videos can be uploaded and downloaded through Tencent Cloud’s agile console and APIs, and are protected with player passwords and dynamic URL-based hotlink protection. In addition, the ultra-low latency LEB provides you the capability of real-time co-anchoring.

    Live Shopping

    CSS helps with the growth of ecommerce platforms by enabling merchants to display items with more details and assisting consumers in making informed decisions, thus reducing marketing costs and boosting sales.