Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-06-03 18:32:04


    Game live streaming

    LVB provides upstream acceleration, high-quality transcoding, and accelerated delivery services for game live streaming platforms. It helps the platforms quickly achieve smooth internet-wide game live streaming with low latency.

    Show live streaming

    LVB features instant broadcasting, color filter, and manual exposure which are ideal for live streaming in the show business. Its out-of-the-box ease of use readily helps boost the buzz around show live streaming.

    Online education

    LVB provides a convenient one-stop service for the online education industry. Your well-crafted teaching materials and assets can be uploaded and downloaded through the agile console and APIs and comprehensively protected with two security features: player password and dynamic URL-based hotlink protection. In addition, the open player APIs make it easy to implement various teaching features such as custom time-limited playback and drag-and-drop blocking.

    Radio, TV, and new media

    LVB provides a complete set of video live streaming services for the radio, TV, and new media industries. It can be quickly accessed by professional live streaming systems for specific fields such as news, entertainment, and variety shows, helping them transform from traditional media to internet-based new media.

    Ecommerce live streaming

    LVB helps with the growth of ecommerce platforms by enabling merchants to better advertise their goods and assisting consumers in making informed decisions, ultimately reducing marketing costs and boosting sales.


    Sports events

    LEB offers video live streaming with ultra-low latency for sports events. The viewers can immediately get the results of events and enjoy the fun of watching sports events in real time.

    Ecommerce live streaming

    Some ecommerce live streaming use cases, such as auctions and sales promotion, need transaction feedback and have a high requirement on low delay. Therefore, LEB with ultra-low latency enables the host and viewers to get timely transaction feedback, improving the experience of shopping as watching live streams.

    Online classroom

    LEB with ultra-low latency helps teachers and students create an online classroom through live video streaming. LEB enables both sides to broadcast live video images to each other in real time, making online classrooms as natural as face-to-face learning.

    Online Q&A

    Due to latency in traditional online Q&A, the viewers may need to insert frames so that the viewers and the host can display the same screen at the same time. LEB with ultra-low latency is a perfect solution for this problem. It ensures both sides can see the same screen in real time, making it easy to achieve a smooth online Q&A.

    Interactive live show

    LEB is suitable for interactive live shows. It greatly optimizes viewers’ interactive experience, such as giving gifts, in interactive live streams with high requirements on low delay.