Transcoding Configuration

Last updated: 2019-09-02 12:05:29



LVB outputs playback streams with the original bitrate by default. To limit or set the playback bitrate, please go to transcoding configuration.


You have logged in to the LVB Console.


  1. Select Manage Domain in the left sidebar, click the playback domain name to be configured or click Manage in the operation column to enter the domain name management page.

  2. In the Configure Template tab, you can find information on transcoding configuration of the domain name.

  3. By clicking Edit, you can select a transcoding configuration to specify the coding format and bitrate set by the transcoding template for the playback address under the domain name.

    A transcoding configuration template needs to be created in Transcoding Configuration first. Once created, it can be selected here.

  4. After you configure the transcoding template, you need to add the transcoding template name to the playback URL. The format is playback address_transcoding template name. Otherwise, you will only be able to play back the original live stream content.

    For example: The original playback address is http://domain/AppName/StreamName.flv, and the name of the transcoding template associated with the domain name is hd.
    If you want to play back transcoded video, you need to use http://domain/AppName/StreamName_hd.flv as your transcoded playback address.

If you want to unbind the transcoding configuration from the domain name, click Edit in Configure Template, deselect the corresponding template, and click Save.