Console Overview

Last updated: 2021-03-15 18:30:35

    To help you quickly get started with the CSS Console, this document will introduce some frequently used CSS services categorized according to different user needs. CSS Console comes with four modules: Basic Services, Scenario-Specific Services, Data Center and CSS Toolkit.

    Basic Services

    This module provides basic services of CSS. If you only want to use basic live streaming services, this is the right module for you.

    Feature Description
    • You can view bandwidth/traffic data, such as fees and usage trends. You can also access real-time live streaming data and the number of online viewers.
    • You can select different billing modes or change the time granularity.
    Domain Management
    • You can add and manage your own acceleration domain names and configure CNAME for them.
    • You can generate domain-specific live streaming addresses.
    • You can use the existing configuration for your CSS domain names. For example, you can use the templates for recording, transcoding, screencapturing, porn detection, watermark, and callback.
    • You can also configure domain information such as authentication, HTTPS protocol, acceleration region, and origin server.
    Stream Management You can manage online, historical, and forbidden CSS streams.

    Scenario-Specific Services

    Scenario-specific services are supporting services on CSS. In this module, you can use and manage services like transcoding, watermark, stream mixing, screencapturing, porn detection, event records and notification service.

    Feature Configuration You can configure templates for recording, transcoding, screencapturing, porn detection, watermark and other features for live streaming. We further streamlined the process by enabling you to directly bind the domain name to the templates on the same configuration page.
    Event Center
    • You can configure paths for receiving trigger event callbacks
    • You can quickly view records of CSS stream push and interruption, as well as stream interruption causes.

    Data Center

    This module provides users with professional data analysis services. You can query usage of traffic/bandwidth, transcoding, watermark, push to third-party platforms, screencapturing & porn detection within a specific period. Also, it comes with the log analysis feature makes it easy for you to monitor resources and keep track of useful data.

    Billing Usage Statistics
    • You can query billable items information such as traffic/bandwidth, screencapturing, porn detection, transcoding, recording, push to third-party platforms.
    • You can also query and analyze CSS operation data.
    Stream Data Query You can query and export the details of push and playback of a single video stream to a local device.

    CSS Toolkit

    CSS Toolkit provides ancillary features.

    Address Generator You can fill in address information to quickly generate push/playback addresses.
    Web Push You can quickly generate push addresses and test live streaming broadcasts online.
    Self-Diagnosis You can use self-diagnosis to troubleshoot common push and playback issues. This feature is in beta and the diagnosis results are for reference only.