LVB Playback

Last updated: 2020-03-04 18:07:12



  1. Enable Tencent Cloud LVB service and complete Identity Verification .
  2. Access Cloud LVB console to obtain the address of Push to realize LVB and Push. For more information, please see LVB Push .
  3. Select Domain Name Management, click Add domain name to enter your domain name which has been successfully created by ICP filing, select the type as Playback Domain name, and click Save.
  • If you do not have a domain name, you can register and purchase one through Tencent Cloud Domain Name Registration . You can also purchase one at another domain name service provider.
  • If you have already purchased a domain name and have not made a domain name ICP filing, please go to Tencent Cloud's ICP License Application ICP filing, you can also use ICP filing from other domain name service providers.
  1. Login Domain name Service console to configure the domain name of Playback that has been successfully added with CNAME. For more information, please see Domain name CNAME configuration .

Get playback URL

Enter the Auxiliary tools > address Generator in the Cloud LVB console to obtain the address of Playback and configure it as follows on this page:

  • Select the generation type, for example: Playback domain name.
  • Select the Playback domain name that you have added in the domain name management.
  • Enter's address is the same as Push's address. StreamName, Playback's address StreamName To contact Push's address StreamName Only by being consistent can Playback correspond to the flow.
  • Select the address Expire time, for example: 2019-10-18 23:59:59 .
  • Click generate address.
  • In addition to the above methods, you can also click in the cloud LVB console domain name Management, select the domain name of Playback, click manage, select Playback configuration , select the Expire time of the address of Playback, enter the same StreamName, as the address of Push, and click ** generate Playback address**.

Live Broadcasting Playback

You need to proceed first. LVB Push Push can view LVB's picture through Playback's address only after he is successful. You can use the following methods to test LVB according to your business scenario.

Scene 1: Playback on PC

You can use tools such as VLC, FFmepg, and TCPlayerDemo to play back a live stream for testing.

Scene 2: Mobile Playback

  1. Download installation Tencent Video Cloud Demo.
  2. Open and select MLVB > LVB pull.
  3. Fill in Playback's address in the input box, or scan the QR code of Playback's address.
  4. Click the lower left corner Playback button Playback to watch.

If you need to perform Push / Playback in App or Mini Program, you can integrate MLVB SDK In conjunction with the use of Cloud LVB service, MLVB SDK supports RTMP, HTTP-FLV, HLS, Playback and Protocol.

Scene 3: Mini Program Playback

  1. Wechat searches for Mini Program Tencent Video Cloud , select LVB Playback.
  2. Click the scan Code button to scan the QR code translated by Playback's address.
  3. Click the lower left corner Playback button Playback to watch.

Currently, most mobile browsers on the market do not support HTTP-FLV playback. Therefore, for web-based playback, you are recommended to select the HTTP-FLV playback protocol for PC browsers and HLS for mobile browsers.