Recording Configuration

Last updated: 2020-02-17 12:27:48


This document describes how to use the Cloud LVB console Create a recording configuration. After the creation is successful, you still need to go to Associate under the corresponding Push domain name. Recording Configuration Effective for about 5-10 minutes after Associate's success. Users can also create a recording template for LVB channel through API.

  • The recorded video file is saved to VOD Console. After enabling the recording feature, make sure that the Cloud Video on-demand service is in normal use. Cloud Video on-demand service suspension caused by Enable or account in arrears will affect LVB's inability to record, and no recording files and recording cost will be generated during this period.
  • It is recommended to serve Enable and Video on-demand in advance, and you can choose and purchase Video on-demand related resource packages in advance to avoid the suspension of Video on-demand 's business in arrears. For more information, please see Video on-demand Getting Started .

Create a recording template

After logging in to the Cloud LVB console, select "feature template" > [recording configuration] Click "+" to set basic information, and click "Save".

The HLS format supports the interruption and renewal of the file Push, and the timeout for renewal can be set to 0s-300s.

  1. The recorded video is recorded at the original bitrate of LVB. The output formats are HLS, MP4, FLV and ACC, of which ACC is audio-only recording.
  2. The maximum recording time for a single file in MP4 and FLV format is 120 minutes, and there is no limit on the maximum recording time for a single file in HLS format. If this is exceeded, Create files will continue to record.
  3. The maximum duration of a single recorded file is 1080 days, and the file duration of 0 is permanent.
  4. During the process of LVB, it is expected that the corresponding files will be available about 5 minutes after the end of recording. For example, if a LVB starts recording at 12:00, he can get the corresponding clip from 12:00 to 12:30 at around 12:35, and so on.
  5. Limited by the audio and video file format (FLV/MP4/HLS) support for encoding types, video encoding types support H.264, audio encoding types support AAC.

Associate domain name

After the recording template is created, the [domain name Management] Select the corresponding Push domain name in, and go to template configuration to specify a recording template for the domain name.

  • If you need Unbind to record the configuration, in "template configuration", click "Edit", uncheck the corresponding template, and then click "Save" to uncheck the template and domain name Associate.
  • The recording template of the console is managed as a domain name dimension. It is not possible to cancel the rules created by the API Associate. If the stream is specified through the recording management API Associate, you need to call the This API deletes the recording template Disassociate.