Notes for Arrears Processing

Last updated: 2021-05-17 11:53:17

    Overdue Accounts

    • The current day's CSS pay-as-you-go daily billing items will be generated the morning of the next day. Bills for the pay-as-you-go monthly billing items will be generated on the first day of the next month. For billing details, see Viewing Bills.
    • Tencent Cloud will send you a notification if your account becomes overdue. If you top up your account within 24 hours after receiving the notification, the CSS service will not be suspended. Otherwise, the service will be suspended.
    • When your account becomes overdue, CSS will not terminate any ongoing live streams, which will continue to incur costs as usual.
    • If your VOD service is suspended due to overdue payments, the CSS recording feature will be affected, while related service fees will continue to be billed as usual.

    Service Suspension

    • If an account is overdue and has not been topped up within the required period or contains contents that violate Tencent Cloud’s rules or Terms of Service, CSS has the right to automatically repossess the CSS resources under the account within 60 days after the date of service suspension.
    • After your account becomes overdue, VOD files generated by the live recording will become inaccessible, and the screenshots (including the screenshots for porn detection) stored in COS will also be processed according to the overdue accounts policy of COS.
    • If a Tencent Cloud account is suspended for containing contents that violate Tencent Cloud’s rules or Terms of Service, the account cannot be recovered.


    • If any account is overdue for over 60 days, Tencent Cloud will automatically repossess the CSS resources and regularly clear the CSS data and records (of configurations, service logs, client authorizations, and more) under that account.
    • If you want to deactivate the CSS service and clear the CSS data under your account, please contact your Tencent Cloud representative or submit a ticket.