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This article provides LVB Features instructions, specific function description and usage, please consult the corresponding detailed documentation.

Live Push

Function nameFunctional introduction
Push ProtocolSupport RTMP Protocol to carry out Push.
Push waySupport the integration of Tencent Cloud LVB iOS, Android, Web and other Push SDK App, as well as common third-party Push software, including OBS/XSplit/FMLE.
Push DeviceSupport common third-party RTMP Push hardware and encoders or boxes such as Device.

Live Broadcasting Playback

Function nameFunctional introduction
Playback ProtocolSupport RTMP, FLV and HLS three kinds of Playback Protocol.
Playback waySupport Tencent Cloud LVB iOS, Android, Web and other players SDK, as well as common third-party FLV, RTMP, HLS players.
Playback controlBut the original code stream of Playback is consistent with the specification of the input stream, or the code stream of Playback is transcoded in real time.

LVB Management

Function nameFunctional introduction
Management modeSupports management in the LVB Console graphically or by calling LVB's TencentCloud APIs.

LVB Console

Function nameFunctional introduction
OverviewYou can view LVB resource package Traffic and LVB real-time bandwidth, Traffic and other data.
Domain Name ManagementYou can add, modify, disable or delete LVB, Push and Playback domain names, and support the configuration of domain names such as CNAME, HTTPS certificate and Push and Playback authentication.
Manage Live StreamingQuery online or historical LVB stream information.
Function moduleQuery or modify configuration information such as LVB Recording, transcoding, screenshot, porn detection, watermark, callback, etc.
Statistical AnalysisQuery LVB service bandwidth, Traffic, number of requests, number of Concurrence connections, number of screenshots, number of channels, recording channels and other usage statistics.
LVB SDKQuery MLVB SDK quality monitoring data, as well as MLVB mic connect minutes information.

LVB is safe

Function nameFunctional introduction
Push AuthenticationSupport Push URL Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking, custom authentication Key and Expire time.
Playback AuthenticationSupport Blacklist/Whitelist Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking, Referer Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking, Playback URL Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking and Playback remote authentication.

API management

Function nameFunctional introduction
Delay Management APIDelay the broadcast of Playback and Resume.
Recording Management APICreate recording job, delete recording job, and terminate recording job.
Watermark Management APIAdd watermark, delete watermark, query watermark list, set watermark status, update watermark.
LVB pull APIAdd pull configuration, delete pull configuration, query pull configuration, update pull configuration, and modify pull configuration status.
LVB stream management APIQuery online Push information, query LVB stream, query historical Push information, query flow status, disconnect LVB stream, ban LVB stream, Resume LVB stream.
Authentication Management APIQuery Playback authentication, query Push authentication, modify Playback authentication, modify Push authentication.

Value-added Services

Function nameFunctional introduction
LVB transcodingMultiple specification transcoding of LVB stream is supported.
LVB ScreencapSupport taking screenshots of LVB process through API and storing them in Tencent Cloud COS Cloud Object Storage service.
LVB auditSupport the intelligent AI audit of LVB stream, such as porn detection, violent terrorism, politics and so on.
Live recordingSupport recording LVB process through API and storing it on Tencent Cloud VOD Video on-demand platform.
LVB Time ShiftingSupport users to play back LVB content at any time in the process of LVB stream.
LVB accelerates overseasSupport the use of Tencent Cloud LVB services in overseas areas.