Push Configuration

Last updated: 2019-09-02 11:56:32



The push configuration can be used to generate a push address under the corresponding push domain name. By pushing a live stream to the push address, the live stream can be transmitted (uploaded) to LVB.


You have logged in to the LVB Console.


  1. Select Manage Domain in the left sidebar, click the push domain name to be configured or click Manage in the operation column to enter the domain name management page.
  2. In the Push Configuration tab, you can find a push address generator. You only need to enter the StreamName (stream ID) and click Generate a Push Address, and the system will generate an RTMP push address containing the StreamName. The format of the address is rtmp://domain/live/StreamName?txSecret=xxx&txTime=xxx in which domain is the live push domain name, AppName is the application name (which is "live" by default; to customize it, submit a ticket), StreamName is the user-defined stream name used to label the live stream, txSecretis the authentication string generated after push authentication is enabled, and txTime is the timestamp set for the push address which represents the validity period of the address in the console. The generated push address can be tested, disabled, and deleted in Stream Management.

    We also provide sample PHP and Java codes for push address for your reference.

The generated push address is valid before the set expiration time. You can generate a new address after the old one expires.