Region Configuration

Last updated: 2021-03-12 11:23:53


    If your playback domain name is to be used for content delivery, acceleration, and playback in different regions, you need to switch its acceleration region by selecting a region in the region configuration.


    • You have logged in to the CSS console.
    • You have added a playback domain name.


      When adding a domain name or selecting a playback domain name, select the acceleration region for live content delivery (such as "Chinese Mainland") and click OK.


    1. Go to Domain Management and click the playback domain name to be configured or Manage on the right to enter the domain details page.
    2. Select the Region Configuration tab in Advanced Configuration.
    3. Click Edit to switch among "Chinese Mainland", "Global Acceleration", and "Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (China Region) and other regions".
    4. Click Save.


    • The playback address cannot be used properly in a non-acceleration region.
    • If the acceleration region covers the Chinese Mainland, you have to apply for an ICP filing for the playback domain name first.
    • Switching the region will invalidate the bandwidth cap configuration, so you will need to configure it again.