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Last updated: 2021-12-02 10:13:21

    The relay feature pulls and pushes contents. You can use relay to quickly pull existing videos or live streaming contents and then push them to the destination URL, without initiating a live streaming session. This feature is billed by the relay task duration and the usage of push to third-party URLs.


    • Billing rules for relay have taken effect since 00:00, July 1, 2021. Relay tasks executed after that will incur costs, regardless of when such tasks are created.
    • When you are using relay, pulling will generate playback traffic/bandwidth usage. Pulling from source URLs of CSS, VOD, COS, etc. will incur corresponding playback fees as well as download fees.

    Relay Task Duration


    A relay task is billed by duration.

    Billable Item Price (USD/Min)
    Relay task duration 0.00032


    • Billable item: relay task duration
    • Billing mode: pay-as-you-go
    • Billing cycle: daily billing cycle. Relay fees generated in one day will be deducted at 10 AM the next day. See your billing statement for details.
    • Billing rules: duration of relay tasks under execution will be billed. Duration of paused and expired tasks is not billed, and will be billed after task resumption.

    If pulling fails due to abnormal source contents, the relay task will not stop until the specified end time, and the corresponding task duration will be billed.

    Push to Third-Party URLs


    • For a relay task, pushing to a CSS push URL under the Tencent Cloud account which created the task will not be billed.
    • Pushing to a URL other than a CSS push URL of the current Tencent Cloud account will incur fees for pushing to third-party URLs.


    Billable Item Price (USD/Mbps/Month) Description
    Push to third-party URLs 12.67 Billed by the corresponding bandwidth usage


    • Billing mode: monthly pay-as-you-go
    • Billing cycle: monthly billing cycle. Your bill for a month will be generated between the 1st and 3rd day of the next month.
    • Billing rules: the concurrent bandwidth usage of all pushes to third-party URLs will be billed. The default billing mode is pay-as-you-go bill-by-average daily peak bandwidth within the billing cycle. If any other monthly bill-by-bandwidth mode is used for the LVB service under the account, that mode will apply to push to third-party URLs.
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