Use Limits

Last updated: 2021-03-12 10:53:58

Before using CSS, you need to know the following use limits:

CSS domain name
  • Multiple playback and push domain names can be created under an account by default. If a domain name is used in Mainland China, it must have an ICP filing from the MIIT, and the current filing information must be normal and available.
  • We recommend you use a domain name containing up to 30 characters. If it has over 30 characters, please submit a ticket for assistance.
  • A domain name managed by CSS can be used to push or play back live streams normally only after being resolved. For more information, please see Configuring CNAME for Domain Name.
CSS push The CSS service does not limit the push bitrate and supports common resolutions and corresponding bitrates. To avoid push lag, we recommend you keep the bitrate below 4 Mbps.
CSS playback
  • Only when the `StreamName` of the playback address is the same as that of the push address can the corresponding stream be played back.
  • The number of live streaming viewers is not limited, and you can set a bandwidth limit.
Template configuration After the association with a template is successfully configured, it will take effect in 5–10 minutes.
Daily billing mode switch You can select bill-by-traffic or bill-by-bandwidth for daily billing, and you can switch the billing mode only once per day (the switch will take effect on the next day).
Supported push protocols CSS supports the RTMP and SRT output protocols. For more information, please see Basic CSS Features.
Supported playback protocols
  • CSS supports the RTMP, FLV, and HLS playback protocols. For more information, please see Basic CSS Features.
  • LEB supports the WebRTC playback protocol.
  • Playback of a pulled stream supports a bandwidth of up to 200 Gbps. If you need a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket or contact your Tencent Cloud rep for assistance.
Live director
  • You can create up to three live director instances under one account. If there are already three instances, only after an existing instance is deleted can a new one be added. To add more instances, please submit a ticket for application.
  • You can add up to five VOD files to the VOD input playback list.
  • Third-party relayed push supports up to three streams, one of which is relayed to the current CSS account by default, and the other two can be relayed to third-party vendors.