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Last updated: 2020-01-13 14:52:35


Authentication Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLivePlayAuthKey Queries the playback authentication key
DescribeLivePushAuthKey Queries the push authentication key
ModifyLivePlayAuthKey Modifies the playback authentication key
ModifyLivePushAuthKey Modifies the push authentication key

Delayed Playback Management APIs

API Name Feature
AddDelayLiveStream Delays playback.
DescribeLiveDelayInfoList Gets the list of delayed playbacks.
ResumeDelayLiveStream Resumes a delayed playback.

LVB Transcoding APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLiveTranscodeRule Creates a transcoding rule
CreateLiveTranscodeTemplate Creating a transcoding template
DeleteLiveTranscodeRule Deletes a transcoding rule
DeleteLiveTranscodeTemplate Deletes a transcoding template
DescribeLiveTranscodeRules Gets the list of transcoding rules
DescribeLiveTranscodeTemplate Gets a single transcoding template
DescribeLiveTranscodeTemplates Gets the list of transcoding templates
ModifyLiveTranscodeTemplate Modifies the transcoding template configuration

Live Stream Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLiveForbidStreamList Gets the list of forbidden streams.
DescribeLiveStreamEventList Queries streaming events.
DescribeLiveStreamOnlineList Queries live streams.
DescribeLiveStreamPublishedList Queries the list of pushed streams.
DescribeLiveStreamState Queries stream status.
DropLiveStream Disconnects a live stream
ForbidLiveStream Forbids a live stream.
ResumeLiveStream Resumes a live stream.

Recording Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLiveRecord Creates a recording task
CreateLiveRecordRule Creates a recording rule
CreateLiveRecordTemplate Creates a recording template
DeleteLiveRecord Deletes a recording task
DeleteLiveRecordRule Deletes a recording rule
DeleteLiveRecordTemplate Deletes a recording template.
DescribeLiveRecordRules Gets the list of recording rules
DescribeLiveRecordTemplate Gets a single recording template
DescribeLiveRecordTemplates Gets the list of recording templates
ModifyLiveRecordTemplate Modifies the recording template configuration
StopLiveRecord Terminates a recording task.