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    Video Terminal Device Support

    LVB supports multiple live stream source access methods such as push based on HLS/RTMP and provides RTMP push SDKs to support sync video playback across terminal devices.

    Video Use Cases

    Based on Tencent Cloud's many years of expertise in audio/video services, LVB supports live streaming with high numbers of concurrent access requests requiring ultra-low delay and ultra-high image quality, helping satisfy your diverse live streaming needs.

    • LVB covers all live streaming uses cases and provides live streaming solutions for various industries such as gaming, sporting events, ecommerce, media, and education.
    • For different live streaming scenarios such as high-concurrency playback and push and ultra-low delay, LVB provides different tailor-made solutions to cater to the specific use cases, delivering a higher product cost performance.

    Video Delivery Coverage

    With over 1,300 cache nodes deployed globally, LVB can ensure high service availability and media transfer speed even during peak hours with high concurrency.

    Video Data Analysis

    By collecting data such as live streaming traffic consumption, requests, and concurrency in real time, LVB controls push quality and identifies playback issues with ease. It provides detailed statistical results to help you expand your business rapidly.

    Video AI Empowerment

    By leveraging Tencent Cloud's video AI recognition technology, LVB can effectively identify and audit live streaming content and implement advanced features such as intelligent porn detection and customer tracing based on smart learning and image analysis.

    Video Encryption Security

    By providing protection in all aspects such as hotlink protection, URL authentication, IP blocklist/allowlist, and HTTPS-based secure acceleration, LVB can implement comprehensive detection and protection to eliminate piracy. Plus, it features a more specialized digital rights management (DRM) solution to fully protect the security of your video assets.

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