Enabling IPVS for a Cluster

Last updated: 2019-08-12 19:33:52


Operation Scenario

By default, Kube-proxy uses iptables to balance the load between Service and Pod. TKE supports fast enabling of IPVS-based traffic distributing and load balancing. IPVS is suitable for large-scale clusters by providing better scalability and performance.


  • This feature can be enabled only when the cluster is created but not for an existing cluster.
  • After enabling, IPVS takes effect for the entire cluster. It is recommended not to manually modify the IPVS in the cluster or use it together with iptables.
  • IPVS cannot be disabled once enabled in the cluster.
  • IPVS is only available for TKE clusters running Kubernetes v1.10 or higher.


  1. Log in to the TKE console.
  2. On the "Create a cluster" page, set the "Kubernetes version" to v1.10 or higher, click **Advanced settings**, and enable "IPVS support". See the figure below: Enable IPVS
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the cluster creation.