Operating Remote Terminal

Last updated: 2020-01-02 10:18:23


Logging Into Container via Remote Terminal

  1. Log in to Tencent Cloud TKE console.
  2. Click Cluster in the left sidebar, and click the cluster ID (cls-xxx) to enter the cluster details page.
  3. Select Node Management > Node
  4. Click the node ID to enter the Pod Management page. Click Remote Login to log into the remote terminal.

Executing Commands on a Container Without Shell

  1. Enter Remote Terminal
  2. Enter commands you want to execute and click Enter

Uploading/Downloading File

  1. Enter Remote Terminal

  2. Click File Assistant from the bottom right corner and Select Upload or Download

    • Uploading: Specify the directory of the file you want to upload
    • Downloading: Enter the path of the file you want to download