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Image Overview

Last updated: 2022-07-13 15:36:51


    This document describes three types of images supported by TKE and their respective use cases and instructions. For more information, see Image Types.

    • Public image: They are images officially provided by Tencent Cloud. Each image contains an operating system and initialization components provided by Tencent Cloud, and is available to all users.
    • Custom image: It is created by using the image creation feature or imported by using the image import feature. A custom image is only available to the creator and the people they share it with. It is a non-standard environment that doesn't come with official support and ongoing maintenance from Tencent Cloud.
    • Market image: It is provided for specific use cases, such as qGPU sharing. It is available to all users and integrated with certain applications in addition to the operating system.


    • There are two levels of operating systems, including cluster level and node pool level.
      • OS configured at the cluster level is used when creating a node, adding an existing node, and upgrading a node in a cluster.
      • When adding existing nodes or expanding the node capacity inside the node pool, you will use the OS at the node pool level.
    • Changes to the OS only apply to new nodes and reinstalled nodes, but not existing nodes.

    List of Public Images Supported by TKE

    TKE offers the following public images that you can choose as needed.


    Whenever TKE plans to adjust the image logic, we will notify you at least one week in advance via Message Center, SMS, and email.
    Image logic changes will not affect the existing nodes previously created by using an earlier image. For better results, we recommend you use a later basic image.

    Image ID OS Name OS Name Displayed in the Console OS Type Release Status Notes
    img-eb30mz89 tlinux3.1x86_64 TencentOS Server 3.1 (TK4) Tencent OS Server Full release The latest release version of Tencent OS Server is recommended
    Kernel version: 5.4.119
    You need to install the GPU driver manually
    img-hdt9xxkt tlinux2.4x86_64 TencentOS Server 2.4
    Formerly known as Tencent linux release 2.4 (Final)
    Tlinux Full release Kernel version: 4.14.105
    img-22trbn9x ubuntu20.04x86_64 Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 LTS 64bit Ubuntu It is in beta. To join it, please submit a ticket to apply. Ubuntu 20.04.1 public kernel
    img-pi0ii46r Ubuntu18.04.1x86_64 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit Ubuntu Full release Ubuntu 18.04.1 public kernel
    img-25szkc8t centos8.0x86_64 CentOS 8.0 CentOS It is in beta. To join it, please submit a ticket to apply. CentOS 8.0 public kernel
    img-9qabwvbn CentOS7.6.0_x64 CentOS 7.6 CentOS Full release CentOS 7.6 public kernel
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