Tencent Kubernetes Engine for Edge

Last updated: 2021-02-03 11:26:21

    December 2020

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    TKE Edge opens source for SuperEdge.SuperEdge is an edge container management system based on the native Kubernetes. Tencent Cloud has provided the edge-related source code in the TKE Edge for the SuperEdge open source project.2020-12-19SuperEdge GitHub

    November 2020

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    ServiceGroup feature was launched.You can find ServiceGroup in the cluster details page.2020-11-27ECK Overview
    The node installation script supports “check” and “clear” parameters.
  • The “check” parameter is convenient for users to use scripts to manually check where the installation requirements are not met in the node environment.
  • The “clear” parameter is convenient for one-click cleaning of dirty data in the node, turning off the firewall, etc.
  • 2020-11-13-
    Edge DNS solution was launched.The edge DNS solution will no longer occupy 53 port of the nodes.2020-11-4-

    October 2020

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    ECK supports multi-architecture hybrid management.Users can manage the nodes in both ARM and X86 CPU architectures within a cluster at the same time.2020-10-28-
    ECK supports edge Pod HPA.The feature of Edge Pod HPA was launched, while the native Kubernetes HPA feature is also available on the edge.2020-10-23Utilizing HPA to Implement Auto Scaling of Business on TKE
    Upgraded feature of using script to add node.Users can use the same script to add self-owned nodes to the cluster multiple times (the script validity is 1 hour), making it convenient to add self-owned nodes in batches.2020-10-22-

    September 2020

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    Users can enable edge health feature on the console.The "Enable Edge Health" switch is added to the basic information page of the edge cluster. Users can enable or disable this feature based on actual needs.2020-09-28-
    ECK supports ECM security groups.When purchasing ECM resources on the ECK console, users can select the node security group for security management.2020-09-24-
    The permission convergence of edge node is launched.This feature is automatically enabled, and can effectively prevent malicious users from disrupting the normal operation of the system through edge nodes.2020-09-15-

    August 2020

    UpdateDescription DateRelated Documents
    Edge cluster is available in Beijing region.Users can create edge clusters in Beijing region.2020-08-28Creating a Cluster
    The node installation script is optimized.The node installation script can automatically obtain the default ENI.2020-08-12-
    The Pod access mode is added.Pods can access Apiserver in incluster mode.2020-08-05-

    July 2020

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    The application market, Helm Chart, and assembly line now support ECK.Users can create apps directly or with application market, and use assembly line with ECK.2020-07-06
    Users can customize the node initialization script.
    • Node initialization operations include mounting a data disk, creating directories, and so on.
    • The script is run only once during node initialization.
    Users can obtain the metrics of all pods in the cluster via the apiserver.
    • Users can obtain the metrics of all cluster pods in the cluster(if any) by requesting the api-server.
    • In such cases, a monitoring component should be deployed in the cluster.

    June 2020

    UpdateDescription DateRelated Documents
    ECK supports GPU.Currently, ECK supports the NVIDIA Tesla (T4, P40, M40, P4, and V100) GPU models.2020-06-30-
    The ECK image acceleration feature is launched for beta testing.The launch time of big-image pods is shortened by 30%, and the public traffic consumption for pulling images is reduced to 1/n (n: the number of nodes in the same LAN) of the original traffic consumption.2020-06-30-
    ECK supports custom parameters.
    • Supports custom node initialization scripts.
    • Supports custom container directories.
    • Supports custom node max-pod.
    ECK supports Kubernetes v1.18.2.Supports the creation of Kubernetes v1.18.2 clusters.2020-06-01Creating Edge Clusters

    March 2020

    UpdateDescription DateRelated Documents
    ECK is launched.ECK is a container system that manages edge cloud resources from the central cloud. You can use it to manage distributed nodes in the same cluster across multiple regions. ECK is fully compatible with native Kubernetes, supports one-click app delivery, and comes with edge autonomy and distributed health checks.2020-03-25Edge Cloud Kubernetes Engine