Quota Limits for Cluster Purchase

Last updated: 2020-04-01 17:42:10


Each user is assigned a fixed quota for TKE clusters in each region.

TKE quota limits

The following describes the number of container clusters each user can purchase. If you need more clusters, submit a ticket.

Since October 21, 2019, the maximum number of nodes supported in a cluster has been increased to 5,000.

Quota Item Default Value Where to Check Support Quota Increase
Clusters in a single region 5 Bottom-right section of the TKE overview page Yes
Nodes in a single cluster 5,000
Image namespaces in a single region 10
Images in a single region 500
Image tags for a single image 100

CVM quota limits

For CVM instances that you purchase for Tencent Cloud TKE, CVM purchase limits apply. For more information, see CVM Instance Purchase Limits. See the following table for the maximum number of CVMs that a user can purchase by default. If you need a higher quota for any item, submit a ticket.

Quota Item Default Value Support Quota Increase
Pay-as-you-go CVMs in a single availability zone 30 or 60 Yes

Cluster configuration limits

Cluster configuration limits the size of clusters and cannot be modified currently.

Configuration Item IP Address Range Affected Item Where to Check Support Modification
VPC network - Subnet Custom Number of nodes that can be added VPC subnet list page for the cluster - Available IP addresses
  • No
  • Yes, and you can create new subnets
CIDR block of the container IP range Custom
  • Maximum nodes per cluster
  • Maximum services per cluster
  • Maximum pods per node
Basic information page for the cluster - Container IP address range No