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Last updated: 2022-03-30 18:41:02

    Elastic Cluster FAQs

  • Why is the Pod specification inconsistent with the set Request/Limit?
  • How to create or modify the container network of the EKS cluster?
  • What should I do if the Pod fails to schedule because of insufficient subnet IPs?
  • What are the instructions for using the EKS security group?
  • How do I set the container termination message?
  • How to use Host parameters?
  • How do I mount CFS/NFS?
  • How to speed up container start-up by image reuse?
  • Instructions for exceptional image reuse
  • When you mount an external NFS, the event Operation not permitted is reported.
  • How is the bandwidth billed and adjusted for non-bill-by-IP account?
  • Cloud Load Balancer FAQs

  • Which Ingress can EKS create CLB instance for?
  • How do I view the CLB instance created by EKS for Ingress?
  • Which Services can EKS create CLB instance for?
  • How do I view the CLB instance created by EKS for the Service?
  • Why is the ClusterIP of Service invalid (cannot be accessed normally) or why is there no ClusterIP?
  • How do I specify the CLB instance type (public or private network)?
  • How do I specify the existing CLB instance?
  • How do I view the access log of a CLB instance?
  • Why didn't EKS create a CLB instance for Ingress or Service?
  • How do I use the same CLB in multiple Services?
  • Why do I fail to access CLB VIP?
  • Virtual Node FAQs

  • How do I prohibit a Pod from being scheduled to a virtual node?
  • How do I prohibit ordinary TKE clusters from automatically scheduling a Pod to a virtual node in case of resource inadequacy?
  • How do I manually schedule a Pod to a virtual node?
  • How do I forcibly schedule a Pod to a virtual node, no matter whether the virtual node supports the Pod?
  • How do I customize DNS configuration for a virtual node?
  • Log Collection FAQs

  • Why can’t I view the logs in CLS console after configuring log collection for the cluster?
  • Where can I view the logs after configuring the log rules?
  • How do Java applications implement multi-line log merging?
  • How to adjust the log collection configuration to adapt to different log output rates?
  • What is the standard for outputting the logs of the application in the container of the EKS cluster?
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