Purchase Limits

Last updated: 2021-03-17 10:33:28


    Before using Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), you must complete identity verification for your Tencent Cloud account. For more information on identity verification, see Identity Verification Guide.

    Supported Regions

    For more information on the regions and resource specifications supported by EKS, see Resource Specifications.

    Resource Quotas

    Resource Limit Description
    Clusters in one region 5 Includes clusters that are being created and running.
    Pods in one cluster 100 Includes all namespaces, workloads, and stateless and stateful pods.
    Pod replicas for one workload 100 Includes all stateless and stateful pods in the workload.

    If the number of required resources exceeds the quota limit shown in the preceding table, you can submit a ticket to apply for a higher quota. Tencent Cloud will assess your actual needs and increase your quota as appropriate.

    Applying for a higher quota

    1. Log in to the ticket system console. On the Submit ticket page, select Other Problems and then click Create Now to go to the page for creating a ticket.
    2. In the Problem description field, enter a description such as "I want to apply for a higher quota for the elastic cluster." Then, enter the region where the elastic cluster is located and your desired quota. Finally, enter your mobile number and other information as instructed.
    3. After providing all the necessary information, click Submit ticket to submit the ticket.