Purchase restriction

Last updated: 2020-02-14 15:46:37


Use requirements

Before using EKS, Tencent Cloud account needs to complete Identity verification. If it is not finished, please refer to the Basic introduction of Identity verification Verify.

Support region

For more information on the regions and resource specifications supported by EKS, please see Resource specification .

Resource quota

Resources Limit (unit) Description
Maximum number of clusters in the same region 5 Including creating and running clusters
Maximum Pod size of the same cluster fifty Includes all Namespace, all loads, Pod in any state
Maximum number of Pod replicas per workload fifty Including Pod of any state within the load

If you need resources in excess of the above quota, Enter can apply for a higher quota. Tencent Cloud will assess your actual needs. After the assessment is passed, the quota will be increased for you.

Operational guidelines for applying for quota increase

  1. please Submit a ticket Select * * other questions * *-> * * create now * * to enter the Enter page for creating Ticket information.
  2. In the problem description, Enter "expects to increase the flexible cluster quota", indicates the target area and target quota, and follows the information such as the mobile phone number available to Enter on the page.
  3. When Enter is finished, click [submit Ticket].