Instructions on Cluster Resource Quota Adjustment

Last updated: 2021-01-29 18:02:50

From January 13, 2021, TKE will automatically apply a set of resource quotas to the namespace on the cluster with less than 5 nodes (0 < nodeNum ≤ 5), or with more than 5 and less than 20 nodes (5 < nodeNum < 20). You cannot remove these quotas, which are used to protect the cluster control plane from being unstable due to potential bugs in the applications deployed to the cluster.

You can run the following command to check the quota:

kubectl get resourcequota tke-default-quota -o yaml

If you need to view the tke-default-quota object of a specified namespace, you can add the --namespace option to specify the namespace.

The specific quota limits are as follows:

Cluster Scale Quota Limits
0 < nodeNum ≤ 5 Total Pods: 4000, configMap: 3000, CustomResourceDefinition(CRD): 4000
5 < nodeNum < 20 Total Pods: 8000, configMap: 6000, CustomResourceDefinition(CRD): 8000
20 ≤ nodeNum No limit

You can submit a ticket to apply to increase the quota.