Elastic Kubernetes Service

Last updated: 2020-09-03 14:54:05

    July 2020

    UpdateDescription DateRelated Documents
    Supports binding pods with CAM roles.Users can bind pods with CAM roles to obtain the permission policies of the roles.2020-07-22Cloud Access Management Overview
    Supports static IP addresses of pods.The IP addresses of pods can remain unchanged when the StatefulSet/Bare Pod updates its workload.2020-07-15-
    Supports pod login.Users can use the console or run kubectl exec -it to remotely log in to a pod.2020-07-01-
    Supports third-party image repositories.When creating a workload, users can select images from third-party image repositories and set the image repository access credential.2020-07-01-

    June 2020

    UpdateDescription DateRelated Documents
    The EKS console provides a command line window for interaction with containers.This feature improves the user experience and helps you quickly identify issues.2020-06-30-
    Supports updates of StatefulSets and Pods without changing their IP addresses.This feature enhances service stability and simplifies service network management.2020-06-30-
    LoadBalancer supports IPv6.The service IP address supports the IPv6 network.2020-06-30-
    EKS supports the purchase of Tencent’s self-developed Star Lake servers.Tencent’s self-developed Star Lake servers provide reliable, secure, and stable high performance at low costs.2020-06-18Resource Specifications
    EKS was fully launched.EKS is a service mode launched by Tencent Cloud TKE that allows users to deploy workloads without having to purchase nodes.2020-06-01Elastic Kubernetes Service

    December 2019

    UpdateDescription DateRelated Documents
    Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) beta is launched. EKS allows users to deploy workloads without having to purchase nodes. It is fully compatible with native Kubernetes and supports resource purchase and management in the native mode. Resources are billed based on the amount of resources used by the containers. 2019-12-27 EKS

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