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Container Instance Lifecycle

Last updated: 2022-06-22 11:32:31

    This document describes the statuses of a container instance and whether it is billed from its creation to deletion. You can determine whether your current business runs normally based on the status.

    Container Instance Status

    All the statuses of a container instance are as described below:

    Instance Status Description
    Pending The instance is being created.
    Running Indicates that all containers have been created successfully and at least one container is running.
    Succeeded Indicates that all containers have finished running and exited successfully (the exitCode of all containers is 0) and the restart policy is never or onFailure.
    Failed Indicates that all containers have exited with an exception (the exitCode is not 0) and the restart policy is never.

    A restart policy is a behavior performed on the container in an instance. It doesn't mean that the container instance will be restarted. There are three restart policies as described below:

    • Always: Auto-restarts the container if it is in any status other than Running.
    • Never: Never restarts the container regardless of its status.
    • OnFailure: Auto-restarts the container when it exits and the exitCode is not 0.

    The billing details for each status are as shown below:

    Container Status

    Container Status Description
    Created The container was created successfully.
    Running The container runs successfully.
    Exited The container exits after successful or failed (exitCode is not 0) running.
    Unknown The container status is unknown; for example, when the init container hasn't been terminated for a long time.
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