API Category

Last updated: 2021-10-20 16:47:23

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeImages Gets image information
DescribeRegions Queries the list of regions
DescribeVersions Cluster version information

Cloud Native Monitoring APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePrometheusAlertRule Creates an alarm rule
DeletePrometheusAlertRule Deletes an alarm rule
DescribePrometheusInstance Obtains the instance details
ModifyPrometheusAlertRule Modifies an alarm rule

Node APIs

API Name Feature
AddExistedInstances Adds one or more existing instances to a cluster.
CheckInstancesUpgradeAble Checks whether the nodes can be upgraded
CreateClusterInstances Creates one or more cluster nodes.
DeleteClusterInstances Deletes one or more nodes from a cluster.
DescribeClusterInstances Queries the information of one or more nodes in a cluster.
DescribeExistedInstances Queries one or more existing nodes.

Network APIs

API Name Feature
AddVpcCniSubnets Adds the cluster subnets
CreateClusterRouteTable Creates a cluster route table.
DeleteClusterRoute Deletes a cluster route.
DeleteClusterRouteTable Deletes a cluster route table.
DescribeClusterRouteTables Queries one or more cluster route tables.
DescribeClusterRoutes Queries cluster routes.
DescribeEnableVpcCniProgress Queries the async task progress of enabling VPC-CNI mode
DescribeRouteTableConflicts Queries the list of route table conflicts.
DescribeVpcCniPodLimits Queries the maximum number of Pods in the VPC-CNI mode supported by the model
EnableVpcCniNetworkType Enables the VPC-CNI network mode

Node Pool APIs

API Name Feature
AddNodeToNodePool Moves nodes in a cluster to a node pool
CreateClusterNodePool Creates a node pool
CreateClusterNodePoolFromExistingAsg Upgrades a scaling group to a node pool
DeleteClusterNodePool Deletes a node pool
DescribeClusterAsGroupOption Cluster auto scaling configuration
DescribeClusterNodePoolDetail Queries detailed information of a node pool
DescribeClusterNodePools Queries the node pool list.
ModifyClusterAsGroupOptionAttribute Modifies cluster auto scaling attributes
ModifyClusterNodePool Edits a node pool
ModifyNodePoolInstanceTypes Modify the model of instances in a node pool
RemoveNodeFromNodePool Removes a node from a node pool but retains it in the cluster.
SetNodePoolNodeProtection Enabling removal protection for the nodes in a node pool

Cluster APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeClusterKubeconfig Obtains the cluster kubeconfig file
AcquireClusterAdminRole Acquiring the RBAC Admin role of a cluster
CreateCluster Creates a cluster
CreateClusterEndpoint Create a cluster access port
CreateClusterEndpointVip Create an external network access port for the managed cluster
DeleteCluster Deletes a cluster
DeleteClusterEndpoint Delete cluster access port
DeleteClusterEndpointVip Delete the external network access port of the managed cluster
DescribeAvailableClusterVersion Obtains all versions that the cluster can upgrade to
DescribeClusterAuthenticationOptions Queries cluster authentication configuration
DescribeClusterCommonNames Obtains the CommomName for the sub-account to access the cluster
DescribeClusterEndpointStatus Query cluster access port status
DescribeClusterEndpointVipStatus Query the progress of enabling the public network port for a managed cluster
DescribeClusterSecurity Queries the key information of a cluster.
DescribeClusters Queries clusters list.
GetUpgradeInstanceProgress Obtains the current progress of the node upgrade
ModifyClusterAttribute Modifies cluster attributes
ModifyClusterAuthenticationOptions Modifies cluster authentication configuration
ModifyClusterEndpointSP Modify the security policy of the external network port of the managed cluster
UpdateClusterVersion Upgrades cluster
UpgradeClusterInstances Upgrades cluster nodes

Scaling group APIs

API Name Feature
CreateClusterAsGroup Create a cluster scaling group
DeleteClusterAsGroups Delete a cluster scaling group
DescribeClusterAsGroups Cluster-associated scaling group list
ModifyClusterAsGroupAttribute Modify cluster scaling group attributes