Mixed Use of HTTP and HTTPS Protocols through Ingress

Last updated: 2021-12-02 15:53:30

Mixed Rules

In default scenarios, if TLS is not configured in Ingress, the service will be exposed though HTTP protocol. If TLS is configured in Ingress, the service will be exposed though HTTPS protocol. The service described by Ingress is only able to be exposed though one type of protocol. To deal with the limitations of this rule, TKE provides support for mixed use of both protocols.

If you need to expose services through HTTP and HTTPS protocols simultaneously, you can refer to this document to enable mixed protocols and configure all forwarding rules to kubernetes.io/ingress.http-rules and kubernetes.io/ingress.https-rules annotations.

Rule Format

The rule format of kubernetes.io/ingress.http-rules and kubernetes.io/ingress.https-rules is a Json Array. The format for each object is as below:

 "host": "<domain>",
 "path": "<path>",
 "backend": {
   "serviceName": "<service name>",
   "servicePort": "<service port>"

Configuration Steps

TKE Ingress Controller supports mixed configuration of HTTP and HTTPS rules. The steps are as follows:

  1. Enable mixed rules
    Add the kubernetes.io/ingress.rule-mix annotation in Ingress and set it to true.
  2. Match rules
    Match each forwarding rule in Ingress with kubernetes.io/ingress.http-rules and kubernetes.io/ingress.https-rules, and add them to the corresponding rule set. If a corresponding rule is not found in Ingress annotation, it is added to the HTTPS rule set by default.
  3. Verify matches
    When matching rules, verify Host, Path, ServiceName, and ServicePort (Host defaults to VIP, and Path defaults to /).


Ingress example: sample-ingress.yaml

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
   kubernetes.io/ingress.http-rules: '[{"host":"www.tencent.com","path":"/","backend":{"serviceName":"sample-service","servicePort":"80"}}]'
   kubernetes.io/ingress.https-rules: '[{"host":"www.tencent.com","path":"/","backend":{"serviceName":"sample-service","servicePort":"80"}}]'
   kubernetes.io/ingress.rule-mix: "true"
 name: sample-ingress
 namespace: default
 - host: www.tencent.com
     - backend:
         serviceName: sample-service
         servicePort: 80
       path:            /
 - secretName: tencent-com-cert

This example contains the following configuration:

  • It describes the default certificate. The certificate ID should exist in the Secret resource tencent-com-cert.
  • It enables mixed protocols, and describes the forwarding rule that described in ingress.spec.rule in both kubernetes.io/ingress.http-rules and kubernetes.io/ingress.https-rules.
  1. At this point, CLB will configure forwarding rule in both HTTP and HTTPS to expose a service.