FAQ on Image Registry

Last updated: 2019-10-16 10:03:44


FAQ on Image Registry

1. What is namespace used for?

A namespace is an address prefix used for identifying private user images.

2. What is the account for the image registry?

By default, the account is user's Tencent Cloud account (QQ number).

3. What should I do if I forgot the password of image registry?

You may reset the password through the console.

FAQ on Image Creation

1. Is there a quota limit for the number of created images?

Yes. Each user can create up to 100 images by default. You can submit a ticket to increase the quota if necessary.

2. Can I share my created images to other users?

No. This feature is not available yet.

3. How do I apply the created images?

You can upload available image tags, and then create services using specific image tags.

FAQ on Image Deletion

1. How do I delete a certain tag of an image?

You can specify and delete a tag on the console.

2. When I delete an image, are all tags of the image deleted as well?

Yes. Make sure you back up your data in advance.