Last updated: 2020-02-14 15:46:37


Elastic TKE (EKS) will be based on the Pod selected by the user Resource specification Multiplied by Resource unit price and Running Time As the final deduction for Pod, the unit price of cost, CPU and memory resources is as follows:

Measurement Original price Current discount Discounted price
Cpu $0.000004976 per second per core 20% off $0.000003981 per second per core
MEM $0.000002073 per second per GIB 20% off $0.000001658 per second per GIB

The current discount will last until 0: 00 on May 15, 2020, before which the discount will be valid, after which Resume will be the original price.

Run time description

The running time is calculated from Image of the first container pulled by Pod to the end of Pod. This period is the billing time of Pod, calculated in seconds.

Pricing Sample

Example 1

The Pod resource specification of a Deployment is 2 cores and 4GB, and the number of copies is fixed at 2. Suppose the Deployment takes a total of 5 minutes from Launch to termination, that is, cost should be calculated in 300 seconds.

Then the operation of the Deployment cost = 2 × (2 × 0.000004976 + 4 × 0.000002073) × 300 = 0.019495 US dollars

Example 2

A CronJob needs 10 Pod, for Launch each time, and each Pod resource specification is 4 cores and 8GB, which will end after 10 minutes of operation. Assuming that the CronJob is executed twice a day, use elastic TKE to host the job.

Then the daily charge of job is 2 × 10 × (4 × 0.000004976 + 8 × 0.000002073) × 0.437856 US dollars.