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    Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) bills a pod by multiplying the resource specification of the pod by the Unit price of the resource and Running time. The following table shows the unit prices of the CPU and memory resources.

    Billing Item Original Price Current Discount Discount Price
    CPU 0.000004976 USD per core per second 20% 0.000003981 USD per core per second
    Memory 0.000002073 USD per GiB per second 20% 0.000001658 USD per GiB per second

    The above offer is valid until 00:00:00 on May 15, 2020.

    Running Time

    The running time is the time that elapses from when a pod fetches the first container image until the pod stops running. The pod is billed for the resources used during this period, which is measured in seconds.

    Billing Examples

    Example 1

    Assume that the specification of pods managed by a Deployment is 2 cores and 4 GB memory, and the number of replicas is fixed at 2. If the period from the time when the Deployment is started to the time when the Deployment is terminated is 5 minutes, the Deployment is billed for the resources used during the running time of 300 seconds (5 minutes × 60 seconds).

    In this case, the running fees of the Deployment = 2 × (2 × 0.000004976 + 4 × 0.000002073) × 300 = 0.019495 USD.

    Example 2

    Assume that a CronJob needs to start 10 pods with 4 cores and 8 GB memory each time and terminate the pods 10 minutes later. If the CronJob executes the job twice a day and this task is managed by EKS, the task is billed as follows:

    Daily task fees = 2 × 10 × (4 × 0.000004976 + 8 × 0.000002073) × 600 = 0.437856 USD.

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